Alycia Lane Fired Again

Alas, no bikini photos this time around.

Weather guy John Bolaris hasn’t been any fun at all lately. And there’s not even a faint whiff of scandal or even a fun story surrounding NBC10 lovely Sheena Parveen. So we have to go all the way to the West Coast for news of anything notable surrounding a Philadelphia media personality, albeit a former Philadelphia media personality.

Alycia Lane, 41, has been working for Los Angeles affiliate KNBC since 2009, after she left Philadelphia in what some would call utter disgrace. (For everything you could possibly want to know about her downfall here, read Vicki Glembocki’s fascinating article, “The Very Public Self-Destruction of Alycia Lane“). And now KNBC has told TVSpy that Lane worked her last day there on Wednesday.

Lane, who was once described by Philadelphia press as the “Latina bombshell”, has been replaced by Michelle Valles, whom one might also describe in the same manner. Check out her photo gallery here to see what I mean. (Valles is also an award-winning journalist.)

No reason was given for Lane’s ouster. I wonder who she’ll sue this time.

Anyway, here’s a video of Lane and her former co-host in Los Angeles discussing her six-inch heels. “The higher the better,” she tells him. Please, Alycia. Please come back to Philadelphia. We need you.