Report: Clinton Considering Nutter for Cabinet Post

Clinton advisers are eyeing the former Philadelphia mayor for potential Transportation and HUD positions, according to Politico.

Photos by Matt Rourke/AP

Photos by Matt Rourke/AP

Former Mayor Michael Nutter may be under consideration for a cabinet post if Hillary Clinton is elected president in November, Politico reports.

Nutter is being considered for both Transportation Secretary and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, according to the article, which emphasizes that the conversations are merely speculative. Other people being considered for those positions include Michael Huerta of the Federal Aviation Administration and Christine Quinn, the former speaker the New York City Council.

During his eight years as mayor of Philadelphia, Nutter built a strong core of supporters among urbanists and city planners while reinvigorating the planning commission and implementing a project to update the zoning maps of every neighborhood in the city. His reputation among housing advocates is less clear. During his tenure, he emphasized certain policies and practices that made it easier for private developers to build, like rewriting the zoning code, but put less emphasis on development of public or subsidized housing.

In terms of his transportation bonafides, Nutter emphasized building a “multi-modal” transportation network, encouraging the development of bike lanes, and bringing a bike share system to the city. He was also credited with improving cooperation between transportation agencies in the city.

In 2012, rumors swirled that Nutter might be appointed to a post in Barack Obama’s cabinet, before Nutter said he wasn’t going to Washington.

Of course, Hillary Clinton still has to win the election for any of this speculation to reach the next level.

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