Behold, the Ultimate Pope Map

Slick. Interactive. Dead useful.

Confused by the plethora of pope maps? You’re not alone. Which is why three Philly programmers have graciously put together the ultimate, interactive pope map. This map makes sense of the traffic boxes, the security perimeters, the towing zones — everything. Behold:

What could make such a map even better? An easy-to-understand visual timeline of events. And they’ve got that too.

The map uses publicly available information, so there’s nothing new in here. But it does a fantastic job of sorting all that disparate, scattered information into an easy-to-understand format. The map was coded by Lauren Ancona, Thomas Fuchs and Mjumbe Poe. Ancona and Poe are City of Philadelphia employees, who are performing this public service on their own time. Thanks to all three.

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