Join BizPhilly for a Talk With Morgan Lewis Chair Jami McKeon

Next month, the legal powerhouse will sit down for a conversation about positive psychology and wellness at work.

Secrets From the C-Suite With Morgan Lewis chair Jami McKeon

Next month, BizPhilly will host the second segment of Secrets From the C-Suite, Philadelphia magazine’s new event series that brings in top local business executives for intimate conversations about leadership and innovation in the region.

On the morning of September 4th, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius chair Jami McKeon will join me on stage at the Center City Fitler Club ballroom to talk about one of her key priorities — wellness. Tickets for the event are now on sale and can be purchased here.

Session Information

In the spring of 2019, Morgan Lewis launched ML Well, a broad initiative to help employees achieve their “intellectual, physical, emotional, and occupational well-being.”

In an online post, the company wrote:

“At Morgan Lewis, our goal is to embed well-being and engagement into the fabric of our culture. We are committed to providing a variety of tools and resources to meet the unique needs of all individuals and empower everyone at our firm to thrive.”

And according to McKeon, the new wellness initiative isn’t just some lofty unattainable vision of wellbeing. It’s about “having your work be a contributing, energizing, positive force in your life and having you be able to harmonize […] things,” McKeon told Philadelphia magazine.

While Morgan Lewis is helping employees think deeper about wellness through positive psychology and other science-backed strategies, the firm has also placed an emphasis on engagement — helping people feel present and sincerely involved in a collaborate law firm setting — and even appointed a chief engagement officer to boost this part of the initiative.

McKeon will talk about the problem with “work-life balance” and why wellness jumped to the top of her priority list. The leader will also give us an inside look how specific practices work, like the organization’s remote working program and separate ramp-up program for new parents returning from parental leave.

Schedule of Events

The morning will kick off with a networking breakfast at 8:15 a.m., and at 9.a.m., the hour-long fireside chat will begin. More networking will follow the talk for a half hour.

To learn more about the event and to secure your ticket, click here.