13 Made-in-Philly Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

Add them to your rotation for intimate and entertaining local conversation on movies, books, music, work and more.

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Podcasts are still hot, and the shows being launched from Philly, by Philadelphians, cover everything from books and movies to food and music. And some are outliers: One in our roundup explores some of the region’s strangest unsolved mysteries, while another explores the throes and joys of the writing process with local and national “writing masters.” Here are 13 local podcasts to add to your rotation right now:


“The podcast about mischief, mayhem, mystery and the macabre from the City of Brotherly Love”

Host: Deana Marie
New episodes: About twice monthly
Listen to hear detailed stories about some of the region’s most interesting, mysterious and creepy(!) people, places and events.

Goal Magic

“It might sound silly, but we believe in magic. No, not the rabbit-in-a-hat kind of magic (even though that’s fun). We believe in the powerful magic that’s inside YOU.”

Hosts: Brennan Lukas and Cynthia Spitalny
New episodes: Weekly
Listen to get “unstuck,” whether you’re feeling jammed up at home, work or in some other part of your life.

Overtime Podcast

“We sit with successful creatives and unpack their stories, their overtime process.”

Hosts: Anwar & Azam
New episodes: Weekly

Listen to hear from a unique slate of guests including entrepreneurs and creatives like Conrad Benner, Tayyib Smith and Nick Bayer.


“Society and pop culture podcast with an urban slant.”

Hosts: Nubius Black, Chaos, DJ Akedemix, John the Seeker
New episodes: Weekly
Looking to escape cookie cutter talks about pop culture news? Listen in on the tangents that spin out from topics like pro wrestling and comics.


“In each episode, I go into an unconventional workplace to explore something I wish everyone knew about work.”

Host: Adam Grant
New episodes: Weekly
Listen for timely and relevant discussions about work culture as the Wharton expert digs in with leading thinkers like Ray Dalio and Malcolm Gladwell.

Film Loop

“Each host picks one movie from their past to share with the other, and together they debate and ruminate over their favorite moments as the generations collide.”

Hosts: GenXer, Victor De Anda, Darian Davis
New episodes: Once or twice a month
Listen for new and energized perspectives on movies across generations.

Jawn Appetit

“A fun, informative – and sometimes, irreverent – look at the local restaurant scene without the pretentiousness that you might find elsewhere.”

Hosts: Roy and Chanel Burton
New episodes: Weekly
This duo’s take on where to find the best eats in and around Philadelphia will leave you hungry and busy making the rounds in Philly’s food scene.

Philly Who?

“A new podcast telling the stories of the doers, thinkers, and performers of Philadelphia.”

Host: Kevin Chemidlin
New episodes: Weekly
Listen for interviews between the Temple grad and the professionals shaping Philadelphia’s future.

Dan and Dan Music Podcast

“It’s the meeting of two Philly music experts, both of whom are named Dan.”

Hosts: Dan DeLuca and Dan Reed
New episodes: Bi-weekly
Get hot takes on the biggest stories in music from an Inquirer music columnist (DeLuca) and a WXPN music director and host (Reed).


“A podcast about the books you’ve been meaning to read.”

Hosts: Andrew Cunningham and Craig Getting
New episodes: Weekly
Listen to reawaken your joy for reading and passion for good story lines, characters and plots.

Black Tribbles Prime

“Covers geek culture from a distinctly African American POV, promoting inclusion, positivity and a really good time!”

Hosts: The Black Tribbles
New episodes: Weekly
You’ll fine very entertaining and enlightening takes on everything from TV shows and graphic novels to comics and cosplay.

The Writing Process

Interviews with “writing masters from all the many forms, including novelists, journalists, songwriters, rappers and comedians.”

Host: Chris Wink
New episodes: Weekly
Listen for personal methods, tips and lessons that can help you improve your writing or think differently about it.

PHL Diversity Podcast

“Brief insights, views and opinions from tourism and hospitality leaders, meeting/convention professionals and academics regarding specific hospitality, tourism and diversity topics.”

Host: Greg DeShields
New episodes: About twice a month
Listen for insight into the lives of Philly’s leading professionals as they navigate their careers and leave a lasting mark on Philadelphia.

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