Philly Company Makes Best Places to Work List

It puts work/life balance at the top of the agenda.

Vynamic CEO Dan Calista on a walking treadmill desk.

Vynamic CEO Dan Calista on a walking treadmill desk.

These days it seems like every company is trying to become cooler and hipper to attract the most talented young employees. It’s a simple philosophy on its surface: Create a cool office space, offer a flexible schedule, add free beer and snacks — and presto, you’ve got a cool company millennials will flock to.

But in reality, it takes a whole lot more to become an employer of choice. What types of projects are people working on everyday? What kinds of benefits do you offer? Do employees feel like they have a career path rather than just a job?

The folks at The Muse know this all too well — and did a nationwide search to find 13 companies where employees have fallen “madly in love” with their workplaces. One Philly company made the list: Vynamic — a Center City-based health care consulting firm. It’s gotten plenty of press for its zzzmail program, which forbids employees from sending email between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. so there is some semblance of peace and quiet in their lives. (Vynamic CEO Dan Calista wrote a guest column for Philly Mag this summer, outlining his goal to build the happiest, healthiest employer in Philly.)

Here’s what The Muse had to say about Vynamic:

Vynamic’s motto, “Life is Short—Work Healthy,” drives traditions around the office. The company’s zzzMail policy forbids the team from sending work emails on holidays, weekends, and weeknights, supporting a healthy recharge that empowers the team to disconnect. Another tradition includes Friday “Healthy Hour”—which can be anything from yoga and cooking lessons to guest speakers.

One of the other things that distinguishes Vynamic from other consulting companies is the ability for team members to choose their projects based on their interest in the work and location. Employees are given any chance to travel, explore other aspects of the industry, and pick up new key skills—resulting in great work, happy clients, and even happier employees.

Other notable companies that made the list are:

  • Reebok — for its onsite workout classes and gym, as well as its childcare facilities and parent-child offices.
  • MuleSoft — for its wifi enabled bus taking employees to-and-from work, as well as its “scrumptiously stocked snack pantry.”
  • Grasshopper — for its “amazing team and culture” along with flexible work hours, a pool table and Uggs to wear around the office in the winter.

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