3 Reasons to Hire Someone Who’s Been Recently Fired

Find that diamond in the rough.



Conventional wisdom says that if somebody got fired, it’s likely for a good reason. They slacked off. They couldn’t hack it. They didn’t listen to their boss.

But oftentimes conventional wisdom is wrong — especially in the case of employees who were recently fired. I spoke with some HR experts who highlighted a few reasons that recently fired employees can actually be diamonds in the rough.

1. They’re Not a Yes Man (or Yes Woman)

Smart, progressive companies want someone to shake things up. They seek disrupters that can identify problems and work to fix them. The problem is, not every company is progressive. Many employers want someone who goes with the flow and stays in their lane. There’s a fine line for sure, but having a disrupter on staff to ask hard questions is ultimately a really good thing. Heck, in Silicon Valley, it’s practically a badge of honor to be fired.

2. They’ll Be Hungrier in Their Next Job

Many people who go through the hell of being fired come back hungrier and more focused in their next job. Sometimes called the “rebound effect” people will stay later, work on the weekend, and dive head first into their next gig. As long as their not too overzealous and become a pain in the ass, it could be a really good thing.

3. Their Boss May Have Been a Jackass

There are plenty of bosses who have no business managing people. They may have been a good doer but that doesn’t make them a good leader. Think about it, how many people say their boss is an idiot? There are so many crazy stories out there. Slave drivers, sexual harassers, micromanagers, bosses that take credit for your good ideas. It’s quite a range. Why punish an otherwise qualified person just because he or she got fired by a nutjob boss?