Howie Roseman Signals Change In Draft Strategy

Roseman reveals a different approach for the 2017 offseason.

Howie Roseman. (USA Today Sports)

Howie Roseman. (USA Today Sports)

When the Eagles hired Joe Douglas to run their player personnel department last May, the move was hailed as a “home run.” Now, Philadelphia will get a firsthand look at just what he can do.

Howie Roseman revealed Wednesday morning that while he still has final say, Douglas is the one who will set the Eagles’ draft board in the next few months.

“He has full reign to set the draft board. He’s involved in every discussion we have about building this team and I think we’ll start seeing dividends,” Roseman said. “He’s got a way of looking at and evaluating players that is different than what we’ve done in the past, and quite frankly, we needed that.”

Roseman cited Douglas as a “huge addition,” while also noting Douglas’ background in Baltimore. Douglas, who is widely credited with pushing the Ravens to draft Joe Flacco as a regional scout, spent 16 seasons in the Ravens’ personnel department.

Roseman also signaled a change in the Eagles’ draft strategy by noting how they’ll be more concentrated on selecting the best player available instead of taking someone because they fill a position of need.

“You look back (in the past) and when we made some decisions, we compromised on guys as opposed to just sticking to the board and doing the right thing, not based on a need … but based on who is the best player to be part of a core going forward,” Roseman said. “I sit here very confident that that will not happen again.”

While Roseman declined to specify which positions the Eagles will address in the offseason, it’s clear the team needs to upgrade their talent at wide receiver and cornerback, among other spots.

“It seems like a long time ago when we were leading the National Football League in 20-yard-plus plays and I don’t have a DeLorean time machine to go back in time and get some of those (receivers) back,” Roseman said. “We have a young group. They need to continue to grow and it’s one of the things, among others, that we need to look at.”