Wake-Up Call: Nelson Agholor Apologizes To Eagles Fans

The receiver regrets his rant on drops.

Nelson Agholor. (Jeff Fusco)

Nelson Agholor. (Jeff Fusco)

After Doug Pederson expressed disappointment Monday for Nelson Agholor’s post-game comments Sunday night about drops, the 23-year-old Eagles receiver apologized himself Wednesday afternoon for saying drops “mean nothing” and that he was “tired of hearing” about it.

“Some of my comments wasn’t a representation of a professional. I apologize, one, for swearing,” Agholor told reporters. “I’m not perfect [and] I’ve sweared before, but there’s young children out there that listen to what we say and respect what we say and I don’t want to give anybody a representation that I’m not somebody that comes from a good household. I know how to communicate, I know how to explain myself and I let passion and emotion get the best of me that day when I was speaking.

“But the most important thing is I understand ownership, especially in this game. This game is tricky. You can be very successful and then sometimes you can fail, but if you don’t own them both and if you don’t believe in both, then you’re not in the right place. You have to have the same mindset 24/7 win or loss. In a loss, I should’ve owned up.”

Agholor was asked after the Eagles’ 29-23 overtime loss to the Cowboys about his first-quarter drop on third down inside the red zone, which could’ve helped Philadelphia score a touchdown instead of a field goal on that drive. Agholor caught three of his four targets in Dallas for 25 yards as his season production continues to be unimpressive.

“I was disappointed in myself because our fan base could feel that I don’t care about a loss, but I truly do. And I do care about drops. I care about all those things,” Agholor said. “I was very emotional when I spoke. But the most important thing I cared about that moment was the fact we lost a football game. My mind was racing. I hated that we gave so much effort and regardless of missed opportunities, we lost, so I didn’t want to hear anything about missed opportunities.”

The 2015 first-round pick has recorded just 21 receptions this year for 216 yards and one touchdown. Agholor ranks 101st in the NFL in yards per catch (10.3) and 110th in receiving yards per game (30.9). He’s played the second-most snaps this season (82 percent) among a receiving corps that has given rookie quarterback Carson Wentz little help.

“I play with a lot of passion and I play hard. Statistically, it hasn’t been the ‘wow’ that I’ve had in my career in college or whatever, but I think I’ve grown every single game,” Agholor said. “I play with a lot of confidence. I think the defenders across from me respect me and I want to make sure that I have that approach, because that’s what it’s all about. The numbers will come when the time is right, I feel like.”

Pederson told the 94WIP Morning Show Tuesday that Agholor may be getting in his own way by pressing too much and trying too hard because he’s hearing “the outside noise from the media and the fans.” According to Agholor, Eagles receivers coach Greg Lewis has been giving him advice on the right mindset to have.

“He tells me about being in the moment, feeling confident about every opportunity that comes my way and knowing I belong where I’m at,” Agholor said. “I need to, from here on out, focus on this building and I think everything’s going to work out that way.”


“I know that my actions come with consequences and I understand that and I own up to it.” Josh Huff apologized for his actions on Tuesday.

“At the critical moments we were able to make the plays and get off the field…That’s really important when you’re in a game down by two scores.” NFC East Roundup.

Even with Huff’s arrest, Doug Pederson says the wide receiver will play Sunday against the Giants.

“If coach Doug Pederson didn’t coach so tight late in the game, we’d be talking about [Carson] Wentz’s big win over his rookie quarterback rival.” What They’re Saying.

Darren [Sproles] was playing outstanding, and he was doing some great things out there.” Could the Eagles make Sproles the new lead running back over Ryan Mathews?


Doug Pederson isn’t giving up on Josh Huff, writes Paul Domowitch of the Daily News.

“Coach Pederson is a great coach,” Eagles wide receiver Jordan Matthews said Wednesday. “But at the same time, I feel like I could go fishing with him.

“He’s a normal guy to the core. That sense of how he is definitely helps him in the locker room, and with guys around the building.”

Some first-time NFL head coaches feel they have to prove themselves to their players, have to let them know who’s boss, have to be Mr. Tough Guy.

That’s not Pederson’s M.O. He prefers to think of himself as more of a modern-day Ward Cleaver than Vince Lombardi. A father who is trying to teach his kids the right lessons, trying to keep them on the straight and narrow.

And when they screw up, like wide receiver Josh Huff did on Tuesday, well, he’s not going to disown them.

Bennie Logan returned to practice on a limited basis, from Dave Zangaro of CSNPhilly.com.

During the 2½ games without Logan, reserve Beau Allen has filled in and Fletcher Cox has — understandably — seen many more double teams.

Cox will be happy to have his teammate Logan back soon.

“I see it. I see it and I just have to fight through it,” Cox said about double teams. “And know that teams, they know where I’m at. They know where I’m going to line up at. I just have to embrace the challenge and fight through it and do whatever it takes to help this team win.”

While Logan came back to practice in limited fashion on Wednesday, he’s being careful to come back slowly from his injury to make sure he doesn’t aggravate it.

“You don’t want to rush it,” Logan said. “It’s a groin injury so … if you (rush back) you can end up tearing it or whatnot and then you’ll be out for the season. So I’m just working my way in there and just doing what I (can) tolerate.”


Frank Reich and Jim Schwartz will meet with the media at 10:40.

Chris Jastrzembski contributed to this post.