Lane Johnson Getting ‘More Pissed Off Each Day’

The Eagles' right tackle still doesn't know when he'll hear about his potential suspension.

Lane Johnson. (Jeff Fusco)

Lane Johnson. (Jeff Fusco)

Two weeks after the news leaked about Lane Johnson’s impending suspension, the Eagles’ right tackle still faces much uncertainty. He doesn’t know when he’ll receive the results of his B sample, when he may potentially be banned for 10 games and when he could appeal if he suspended.

He’s been given no timeline, and he’s unsure of how long the appeals process would take. That uncertain future, Johnson says, is what’s irritated him the most over the past few weeks.

“I just get a little bit more pissed off each day, to be honest. That’s where I’m at right now,” Johnson said. “It’s just been frustrating. You come in, want to have a good season and shit hits the fan again. Got to go through this stuff all over again. It’s just been more mentally frustrating, hard to concentrate on what you need to concentrate on.”

Johnson noted how he’s “pretty much stuck in cement” until this process is resolved. Because he hasn’t heard back from the NFL yet, he’s unsure what grounds he would appeal on.

“Ever since it started, I told them I had nothing to hide,” Johnson said. “I can’t believe I’m in this situation again. From that standpoint, I am sorry. But, you know, always playing by the rules — I did everything I thought I should. Obviously, there’s some more stuff that probably could’ve been done. From now on, it’s safe to say I ain’t taking nothing.

“All you need is food and water. There is stuff as far as recovery wise, but I’m not going to take the chance. Happens again, you’re out two years, so that’s a big risk. I’m not trying to go through all of this all over again.”

Johnson added that he won’t take protein powder or vitamins, but he also pointed to how unregulated the supplements market is.

“I just want y’all to go look throughout the locker room on your way out and just look at all the stuff that’s in people’s lockers, and just know that none of that stuff is approved,” Johnson said. “As far as any help, I think there should be a necessary step taken by the NFL [and the] NFLPA to be able to make sure this don’t happen just for the future to help athletes out, so you know what’s safe, you know what’s not safe.”