Carson Wentz’s Path To Success

What the rookie needs to accomplish if he wants to be the next franchise QB.

Carson Wentz. (Jeff Fusco)

Carson Wentz. (Jeff Fusco)

The Eagles have not had a successful franchise quarterback since they drafted Donovan McNabb back in 1999. Since the team traded McNabb to Washington in the 2010 offseason, they’ve went through Kevin KolbMichael VickVince YoungNick Foles, Mark Sanchez and now Sam Bradford in a span of six seasons.

When the team decided to trade up for the No. 2 pick in this year’s draft to select Carson Wentz, the move signaled a team that’s willing to do whatever it takes to get a franchise quarterback. Whenever Wentz gets to become the full time starter, whether it’s during this season or next, what are some benchmarks that he should hit?

We took a look at 15 different quarterbacks and observed some of their firsts, including when they became a full-time starter, when they were named to their first Pro Bowl, when they won their first playoff game and when they won their first Super Bowl. An asterisk denotes that the event occurred in the middle of the season.

PlayerStarterPBPO WinSB Win
Donovan McNabbYear 1*Year 2Year 2None
Ben RoethlisbergerYear 1*Year 3Year 1Year 2
Peyton ManningYear 1Year 2Year 6Year 9
Eli ManningYear 2Year 5Year 4Year 4
Drew BreesYear 2Year 4Year 6Year 9
Aaron RodgersYear 4Year 5Year 6Year 6
Joe FlaccoYear 1Year 8Year 1Year 5
Russell WilsonYear 1Year 1Year 1Year 2
Tom BradyYear 2*Year 2Year 2Year 2
Andrew LuckYear 1Year 1Year 2None
Cam NewtonYear 1Year 1Year 4None
Matt RyanYear 1Year 3Year 5None
Brett FavreYear 2*Year 2Year 3Year 6
Tony RomoYear 4*Year 4Year 7None
Philip RiversYear 3Year 3Year 4None

After taking a look at these selected quarterbacks, six of them began their rookie season as the starter, while two more took over in the middle of that season. Besides Aaron Rodgers and Tony Romo, the others became the starter in either their second or third season, which Wentz could do as well.

When it comes to making his first Pro Bowl, most of these quarterbacks were named to their first Pro Bowl before entering their fourth season as the starter, with the exceptions of Eli Manning and Joe Flacco.

As for winning his first playoff game, it took an average of 3.6 seasons for that to happen with the quarterbacks selected. That can be a shaky number, given the situation that some of these quarterbacks were in. For example, Rodgers sat behind Brett Favre for three seasons before starting in year four and winning his first playoff game (and later Super Bowl) in his sixth season.

And for making the Super Bowl, 11 of the passers selected have appeared in the “Big Game.” Many of them appeared before their sixth year in the league, but it may be safe to say that, if Wentz will make the Super Bowl, he’ll do so before year 10.

Wentz will need time to develop into a potential franchise quarterback. Learning and watching the offense this season will most likely benefit him for the future. It also helps that Howie Roseman went and locked up core players to long-term deals who will surround Wentz for seasons to come, such as Zach Ertz and Lane Johnson.

If Wentz stays on track with many of these franchise quarterbacks on the list, the picks Roseman gave up to get Wentz will look like a bargain.