Round-Up: Roseman At Owners Meetings

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

SOMEWHERE OVER NORTH CAROLINA, PROBABLY — Josh and I are en route to beautiful Boca, the site of the 2016 NFL Owners Meetings. I am currently seated next to a lovely family that is traveling with both their infant son and small dog, which looks to be a cross between a Chihuaha and terrier of some sort. It is in a travel bag by my feet and keeps staring up at me in hopes of snacks/rescue.

While I revel in this aerial bliss, here’s what’s happening on the ground:

Howie Roseman addressed a handful of media to talk end of free agency/draft. He seemed to add fuel to the theory that the Eagles might not be averse to selecting running back Ezekiel Elliott at No. 8. From Jeff McLane

“There’s this narrative that you can get running backs in the fifth, sixth, seventh round and undrafted free agency,” the Eagles’ executive vice president of football operations said during a morning break. “But when you look back at the last 10 years of guys that are really in the top 10 in rushing, those guys are high picks.

“And so, when you find a special talent at that position, that guy who can run the ball, who can pass-protect, who can catch the ball out of the backfield, that’s a unique weapon.”

Roseman says they are beginning to transition out of free agency and into draft mode, writes Les Bowen.

At the same time, “we’re looking to add depth. We’re building,” Roseman said. He has addressed the defensive backfield, the offensive line, quarterbacking, linebacking and wide receiving in free agency so far.

“Slow,” Roseman said, when asked to describe the state of free agency in late March. “Kind of grinding to a halt, because everyone’s here, and you’re talking about this transition that goes on now where everyone’s really going to start focusing all their efforts on the college group. But there’s still some guys out there. Our pro department, led by (senior director of pro personnel) Lou Clark and (director of pro scouting) Dwayne Joseph have done a great job of setting that board and giving us all the names we should look at. We’re constantly evaluating where we are and if there are opportunities out there.

Doug Pederson is in Florida as well. He was asked by whether he looks at Chase Daniel as more of a backup or someone that can push Sam Bradford and maybe start some games.

“I think a little bit of both,” Pederson said. “Right now chase is the guy that’s coming in No. 2, Sam is the No. 1 going in. But he brings a level of consistency in the offense I’m bringing. He can help teach the offense to a lot of other players. He’s another coach for me on the football field, and he’s going to be great for Sam Bradford. He’s going to not only help him in the classroom but help him on the field with the offense, the terminology, some of the things that are different with this new offense. But I think from a motivational standpoint, he’s very fiery, very competitive. Look for some great things out of Chase Daniel.”

We’ll have plenty more once we’re on the ground. Jeffrey Lurie will likely address the Philly media Tuesday.