Open Thread: Doug Pederson’s Introduction

Photo courtesy: USA Today Sports Images

Photo courtesy: USA Today Sports Images

Jeffrey Lurie will introduce Doug Pederson as the new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles at 2:00. We’ll check in with updates live from NovaCare when it all begins.

2:00 — CSN Philly has the press conference streaming live right here.

2:54 — Lurie on the coaching search.

2:51 — T-Mac’s take on the front office situation.

2:50 — Pederson, on training camp.

2:48 — What McLane gleaned from his line of questioning.

2:47 — After a spirited exchange with the Inquirer’s Jeff McLane over responsibility in the organization, Lurie talks on accountability.

2:43 — Lurie says the organization will look for a director of player personnel.

2:42 — Pederson, on his team’s ability to compete.

2:40 — Pederson, on DeMarco Murray’s fit.

2:37 — Pederson, on his coaching staff.

2:34 — Lurie clearing things up.

2:32 — Jeffrey Lurie draws a laugh.

2:31 — Who has final say on the 90-man roster? 53-man roster?

2:30 — More Pederson on Bradford.

2:28 — Pederson, on how he felt about the team’s coaching search and his role.

2:24 — Pederson says he’ll call plays as the Eagles’ head coach.

2:24 — Pederson on what makes a great head coach.

2:23 — Pederson on Sam Bradford.

2:22 — No word on an offensive coordinator yet.

2:21 — The Jim Schwartz hiring is official.

2:20 — Pederson, endearing himself to the city.

2:19 — Pederson pays respects to Kansas City.

2:18 — The start of the Doug Pederson era.

2:17 — Lurie on Pederson.

2:16 — Quite a tip from Lurie.

2:15 — More details on the team’s search.

2:14 — The man of the hour.

2:13 — The Eagles’ new defensive coordinator is here.

2:12 — Lurie on the search.

2:03 — A few Eagles are excited to see their new head coach.

1:55 — Before we get going, CBS’s Jason La Canfora is impressed by the Eagles’ reported hiring of Jim Schwartz.