Eagles Wake-Up Call: Resetting the Scene



Here’s where things stand as we enter Week 2 of the Eagles coaching search:

— The Eagles have interviewed Duce Staley, Pat Shurmur, Adam Gase, Ben McAdoo and Doug Pederson for the opening so far. Gase is off the market after agreeing to become head coach of the Dolphins. Tom Coughlin is slated to talk with Jeffrey Lurie, Howie Roseman and Don Smolenski today.

— That triumvirate flew out to Kansas City to meet with Pederson on Sunday. Judging by the reported start time of the meeting (8 a.m.) and the Eagles’ confirmation that they had completed the interview (1:30), the sit down was probably somewhere in the five-hour range.

That would be well short of the eight-hour session they had with Gase. But there’s probably not much to read into there. The Eagles are obviously very familiar with Pederson so there’s less vetting to be done. And the Chiefs have a pretty big game to prep for (they play at the Patriots Saturday afternoon) so time is at a premium.

Our intel lines up with multiple reports that Pederson is a serious candidate. If he proves to be the guy, the Eagles cannot officially make the announcement until Kansas City’s playoff run is over (though word can/will leak before then.) That takes us to this weekend at the earliest.

“I think it’s great, man. I think it’s great. He has an opportunity,” said Andy Reid of his offensive coordinator getting a crack at his old job. “Compliment to the hard work he has put in, and he’s done a nice job. He’s ready to do that. And heck, if he has the opportunity, more power to him.”

— Coughlin is scheduled to meet with the Eagles’ brass tonight. What to make of it? Here’s how NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport framed it:

“From my understanding, it’s more of a get to know you session, feeling out session than an interview because really he’s a potential Hall of Fame coach — what questions would they need to ask? It’s really to figure out is this a possible fit down the road.”

Coughlin has a resume and a reputation that the Eagles would undoubtedly be proud to stand behind. But does he want the gig? Is this the direction that the Eagles want to go in right now? The two sides will get an idea this evening whether their interests align.

— Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin, Cincinnati DC Paul Guenther and Bucs offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter are also on the Eagles’ list. We should get a better feel early this week for when/if the Eagles plan on pursuing those leads.


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This year’s hot candidate, Adam Gase, is off the market.

“Bradford won’t be motivated to return to Philadelphia over any other team now that free agency looms.”
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Cary Williams, who was outspoken regarding Chip Kelly’s methods while in Philadelphia, talked to Martin Frank of the Wilmington News Journal about the Kelly firing.

“I stand by what I said,” Williams told the News Journal after the game. “I don’t hold nothing back. I was truthful then. I’m truthful now. As far as I’m concerned, the media can take it how they want to take it and deal with it like they want to. I said what I said, and now [critics of Kelly] are coming forward now. I just wish we had more guys on that team that … had the gall to say it when the dude was there.

“It made it seem like I was the only one.”

Ryan Mathews recently had groin surgery, according to Adam Caplan. BGN with more:

As Caplan notes, Mathews’ injury was first listed on Philadelphia’s injury report in Week 6. Mathews told reporters he tweaked the injury on his 63-yard touchdown run against the Panthers in Week 7.

The groin injury, along with a concussion he suffered, could help explain why Mathews wasn’t so effective down the stretch. Mathews only rushed for 130 yards and two touchdowns on his final 40 carries (3.25 average) of the season. Mathews had rushed for 409 yards and four touchdowns on his first 67 attempts (6.1 average) during the year.


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