Billy Davis Confident He’ll Be Back Next Year

Billy Davis. (Jeff Fusco)

Billy Davis. (Jeff Fusco)

After a historically bad stretch of defense helped lock the Eagles out of the playoffs for the second straight year, Billy Davis‘ job security is tenuous.

Before Tuesday’s practice, Davis was asked if he believes he’ll be back next season to help the team fix its woe begotten defense.

“I am, yes,” Davis said, when asked if he’s confident he will return.

“In the NFL, guys, you talk about job security. Your job is on the line every week,” Davis continued. “As an NFL coach, every week it’s on the line. You see that by the firings that happen from head coach, to coordinators, to position, all through the season. There’s never a day or a week that you don’t think your job’s on the line as a coach. That’s why we put the hours in that we do, we dedicate ourselves like we do.

“It’s a big boy business. It’s part of the deal. The only way to stop the conversation about your job security is to win more games. That’s all it’s about. So we’ve got to make sure we find the reasons we didn’t win games this year, and change them for next year. That’s all you think about.”

Davis was asked earlier in his press conference why he believes the team’s defense, a unit which has allowed a franchise-record 34 touchdown passes and is allowing 26.6 points per game, can be fixed next season.

“We’ve got the right guys,” Davis said. “The first eight, nine games — I hate to keep going back to this, but the proof is there. The proof is there that we can play within the scheme, and we do have the players that can make plays, stop the run game, get off the field on third down.

“Why it went and turned on us, I have to figure that out.”

Shurmur believes Bradford will re-sign

Sam Bradford expressed his desire to re-sign with the Eagles after Saturday’s loss to Washington, and his teammates asserted that he’s the man for the job going forward.

Tuesday, Pat Shurmur echoed those sentiments, and said he believes Bradford will wear midnight green in 2016.

“I expect him to,” Shurmur said, when asked if Bradford will re-sign this offseason. “He’s, all along, expressed to us that he enjoys what we’re doing, he likes our offense, he likes the culture here. It’s no surprise that it was revealed publicly, but yeah, I hope he’s here, for sure.”

Shurmur was asked if he believes Bradford, 28, has the ability and potential to be a franchise quarterback.

“That term’s thrown out,” Shurmur began. “I do, I really do. I’ve seen the best of him, when he was young. I’ve seen him improve throughout the year. And I certainly know a lot about him, from working with him on a daily basis. I can just see that he’s excited about what the future would hold here.”

Injury update: No Maxwell at practice

Byron Maxwell, who missed Saturday’s loss against Washington, was not a participant in practice Tuesday, along with a few other notable names.