What They’re Saying About the Eagles

Chip Kelly-to-USC speculation begins.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

It’s time for the annual Chip Kelly-back-to-college speculation. Here’s what they’re saying:

Peter Thamel of SI.com says that Kelly’s name will be part of the rumor mill should USC move on from Steve Sarkisian. (The Trojans lost to Washington Thursday night, kickstarting conversation about the future of the program.)

And while this loss doesn’t mark the end of Sarkisian’s time at USC, it marks a definitive point where people can start speculating about the end. And that will certainly include Eagles coach Chip Kelly. USC had strong interest in Kelly when it hired Sarkisian. Not even halfway through his second season, there’s worry if seven-win Sark will even get there. Things can get a lot worse for USC (3–2) with upcoming games at Notre Dame, home against Utah and then at California. The barbarians haven’t circled the gate, but they’re huddling and game-planning.

When asked if he’s coaching for his job the rest of the way this season, Sarkisian said defiantly, “Not at all.”

Dan Wolken of USA Today writes that the decision is easy for USC.

Though Chip Kelly is reportedly committed to seeing it through with the Philadelphia Eagles, there would not be a more perfect marriage between team and coach than jumping to the Trojans. If Kelly could dominate the Pac-12 at Oregon, there is no ceiling on what he could do at USC.

The NCAA penalties that would have made it difficult for a college to hire him are over. When Kelly inevitably returns to the college game, he will instantly have the credibility and cachet to recruit at an even higher level than he ever achieved at Oregon. With the amount of skill in Southern California, USC would instantly return to its rightful place as the most feared program west of Texas. And given a roster loaded with talented players starving for coaching competence, it wouldn’t take long for USC to get back in national title contention.

Thursday showed that this USC season is all but over. The Trojans’ administration needs to dedicate the rest of it to convincing Kelly that he’d be better off at a true college blueblood than floundering in the NFL.

Kelly is a misfit with the Eagles. He’d be a perfect fit at USC.

And this from Albert Breer:

In non-college rumors: The Eagles dropped five spots in ESPN’s power rankings to 22nd.

The Eagles have shown bursts on offense but no consistency. They have been held to three or fewer points in a half in each of their games this season.

They were given an identical ranking over at NFL.com.

DeMarco Murray might want the ball more, but is that the difference between winning and losing for Chip Kelly’s bunch right now? Sitting on the set of “NFL GameDay Blitz” on NFL Now (fun show, if you haven’t caught it), Ike Taylor kept reminding us how different it is for a back like Murray orAdrian Peterson to get the ball out of the shotgun, as opposed to receiving it in the pistol or I-formation, where a back can get some push-off. It’s a worthy thought.

Sports Illustrated, meanwhile, dropped them from 17 to 21 after the loss to Washington.

A lot is being made of DeMarco Murray saying that he doesn’t think he is getting enough touches. Go ahead and put this one in the “What is he supposed to say?” file. Of course he wants more touches. Of course he’s frustrated with how this season has started. Just imagine the reaction if he had responded to the question by saying, “Nah, eight carries is fine with me. I’m good.”