Eagles Wake-Up Call: Jaws, Westbrook Talk Expectations

Photo By Jeff Fusco

Photo By Jeff Fusco

The Eagles honored their alumni Tuesday afternoon before their open training camp practice at the Linc.

Ron Jaworski wasn’t in attendance, but Brian Westbrook was, as the organization announced he would be inducted into the Eagles Hall of Fame. In separate interviews during the day, the ex-players offered their thoughts on the state of the Eagles’ roster and expectations for 2015.

“When I look at the cumulative talent on this offense, it is outstanding,” Jaworski said during a spot on 97.5 The Fanatic’s Morning Show. “I know there is a question at right guard, and is [Allen] Barbre going to be the left guard or Andrew Gardner? But the only question mark I have on this team, quite honestly, on the offensive and defensive side is how quick this talent can come together.

“I think the second half of the season, they will be very good. I think there’s going to be an adjustment period early in the season. There could be nine or 10 new starters on the team.”

Westbrook discussed the dramatic changes as well. Like Jaworski, he sees the Eagles’ talent, but maintains there’s something to be said about continuity.

“I think the talent is there, but in the NFL you can have an awful lot of talent, but that doesn’t necessarily transfer to wins,” Westbrook said. “This team has to go out and prove itself just like every team. But I think it’s a lot easier when you have a team like we did back in the day when you knew Donovan [McNabb] was going to be there. You knew Dawk [Brian Dawkins] was going to be there, and you knew I was going to be there, Tra [Thomas] and [Jon] Runyan were going to be there. You understood what this team was going to be. But this year, you just don’t know, you want to see exactly what this team is all about.”

Speaking of new additions DeMarco MurraySam Bradford and Byron Maxwell, Westbrook added: “I know that they were good on their other teams, but we have also seen free agents who haven’t played as well in their new uniform, so it’s a big question mark. But if you are talking about talent, this is one of the most talented teams in the league.”

Eagles coaches think they have an advantage getting new players up to speed because of the way they practice and the added reps each guy gets. We’ll find out in September if that methodology produces results.


“I’ve moved on from the past. It’s not something that I try to look back on.” John Moffitt is focused on securing a roster spot.

According to a report, the Eagles have engaged Bradford’s camp in some talks about an extension.

Chip Kelly explains the reasoning behind Murray’s lighter workload on Sunday.

Despite some recent criticism, Kelly said he does not regret his handling of the Riley Cooper situation in 2013.

Sheil empties his notebook from the team’s first padded practice with observations.


David Murphy of the Daily News isn’t surprised by Kelly’s need for complete control:

The other stuff? The sports science and the quirky practices and the all-business attitude? Either you dig it or you don’t. Yesterday, reporters peppered Murray with questions about the limited reps he was taking. He said he was completely healthy. He said he could handle any work they asked of him. He also said the coaches make the decisions about practice reps. In essence, I just work here.

That’s what Kelly wants. He doesn’t want you to make an outside move when the scheme calls for you to go inside. He doesn’t want you in one space when the scheme calls for you to settle into another. He wants you to do your job and let him do his. In general, if you hope for more than that out of an employer, you have a good chance at being disappointed. Maybe that’s why the guys who seem to get it are the ones who’ve worked for more than one organization, and the guys who don’t are the ones who’ve been jettisoned from the only one they’ve ever known.

Brandon Lee Gowton of Bleeding Green Nation reports on the Eagles’ latest roster moves:

The Philadelphia Eagles have signed another new wide receiver. According to an official release from the team, the Eagles have added Josh Reece to their roster. The 24-year-old Reece played college football at the University of Central Florida. He measures in at 6-0, 180 pounds. Reece racked up 101 receptions for 1,387 yards and nine touchdowns in 51 appearances with the Knights.

In order to make room for Reece at the wide receiver position, the Eagles released undrafted free agent rookie Devante Davis. Davis originally signed with the team following the 2015 NFL Draft. The team gave him a signing bonus worth $7,000. Davis failed to stand out in spring practices and training camp.


No practice today, but we catch up with Marcus Smith.

Sheil Kapadia contributed to this article.