Eagles Proposal Doesn’t Pass, But PAT Rule Changed

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

NFL owners voted today to change the details surrounding extra points and two-point conversions. But it wasn’t the Eagles’ proposal that was chosen.

After touchdowns, teams will have two options. They can either kick the extra point from the 15 (a 32-yard attempt), or they can try for a two-point conversion from the 2 yard line.

Defenses can now score off of failed two-point tries, blocked kicks or botched snaps. If they get a takeaway, they can return it to the opposite end zone and be awarded the two points.

The difference between the proposal that was passed and the one the Eagles proposed is that the Eagles were pushing for the two-point attempt to start at the 1 yard line. Instead, it will be at the 2.

The Eagles were one of eight teams last year that didn’t try a two-point conversion. Chip Kelly has not gambled as much as he did in college. We’ll see if that changes with the new rule in place.

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