Bradford vs. Foles: ‘Two Flawed Quarterbacks’

Rick Osentoski / USA TODAY Sports

Rick Osentoski / USA TODAY Sports

NFL analyst Greg Cosell appeared on Ross Tucker’s podcast to talk about Tuesday’s trade that sent Nick Foles to St. Louis in exchange for former number one overall pick Sam Bradford.

Cosell was shy to shower either of the quarterbacks with praise, but he does think Bradford “is the more talented thrower” of the pair.

Despite this, Cosell did say he is a little concerned about how poorly Bradford has played during his NFL career.

“Bradford has become a little skittish in the pocket, he’s become a little gun-shy and I think it’s impacted his accuracy,” Cosell said. “When he came out of Oklahoma, one of his big strengths was he was precisely accurate and he hasn’t played that way in the NFL.

“Of course, he hasn’t played in a year-and-three-quarters, which is an issue in and of itself, but he has not played that well over the last part of his career when he’s played, so that is a concern.”

Cosell also went in-depth on the problems that have hindered Foles.

“Obviously he had the great year a few years ago and last year really had issues with his mechanics, with his feet, there were way too many balls thrown off-balance. I think he became a little reactive to pressure as well.”

So why would Kelly trade a flawed quarterback and give up draft picks for another flawed quarterback?

“Don’t forget, before Chip Kelly’s up tempo offense became in vogue, Sam Bradford, not in his last year, but the year prior, [Oklahoma] played a very up offense in which I believe they averaged 80-82 plays a game. Now, there was no running element to that [offense], but the tempo is something Bradford did in college and did very effectively so I’m sure Chip Kelly sees that.”

But all things considered, Cosell did say that he would rather have Foles as his quarterback.

“I think right now, you would probably rather have Foles, but I think you’re dealing with two flawed quarterbacks at this point.

“You’re dealing with two quarterbacks who have got things that they need to work through in order to play at their best.”