Hundley Has Familiarity With Chip, System

Photo courtesy of USA Today

Photo courtesy of USA Today

INDIANAPOLIS — Brett Hundley was asked if there are any pro offenses that resemble the one he ran at UCLA.

After a beat, he looked down from the lectern, smiled, and said: “I guess the Eagles are a close offense with us. There are [other] offenses that have similiar things in their systems. … But the way they [Eagles] sort of have the same sort of schemes, zone reads, they do a lot more of it. It’s not exactly what we do, but there are instances where they have the zone read, there are instances with some pass concepts that match up like ours, just simple stuff like that.”

Hundley said he was recruited out of high school by Chip Kelly, but opted for UCLA because it “had it all,” from academics to beautiful weather.

“He’s great,” said Hundley of Kelly. “Great individual, great man, love him to death. I got to spend some time coming out of high school, one of my former teammates, Dion Jordan, went to Oregon, so I knew a good amount about that school coming out.”

He re-introduced himself to Kelly during Super Bowl week out in Arizona. While the two haven’t spoken here at the combine of yet, Hundley did sit down with new Eagles quarterbacks coach Ryan Day.

Hundley completed 69 percent of his throws this past season for 3,155 yards and tossed 22 touchdowns to five interceptions. He also ran for 644 yards and 10 scores. Asked what the biggest misconception about his game is, Hundley responded: “The accuracy. I’ve heard that a little bit, so I think that might be a little misconstrued.” With a 67.4 completion rate in his three years at the helm for UCLA, it seems accuracy was not a big problem.

One complaint about his game is that he has been more of a “one read and run” QB on the college level.

“If the time needs to be where I need to sit in the pocket and make all the throws, then I will do that,” he said. “Sometimes in our offense, the situation dictated where if I didn’t see something, I’m taking off running. But if that’s the offense and that’s what I need to do, and you can watch the tape, there’s times where I sat in the pocket, and I made throws and I feel like I did that consistently throughout college, but there are times in our offense where if something’s not there, you’ve got to take off running, so it’s just working in the offense.”

Interestingly enough, Hundley has a good relationship with Donovan McNabb and thinks some aspects of his game are similar. And according to NFL Draft Scout, his style compares best to Randall Cunningham‘s.

Opinions vary on just how good of a prospect Hundley is. Some project him to be taken in the second round.

How much of an advantage would it be to land in a system like Philly’s?

“It is an advantage, but at the same time there’s always a learning curve everywhere you go,” he said. “So transitioning to the Eagles offense or any other offense that I may go to, there’s always going to be a learning curve.”