Report: Marynowitz Emerges As ‘Serious Candidate’

Chip Kelly‘s search for a a new personnel executive is underway.

Ed Marynowitz has emerged as a “serious candidate”, according to Pro Football Talk. Marynowitz is currently the Eagles’ assistant director of player personnel.

Prior to joining the Eagles in 2012, he worked as the director of player personnel for the University of Alabama, playing a key role in the program’s recruiting efforts. He was a scouting assistant for the Dolphins before that, working alongside Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland.

The Media, Pa. native played quarterback for LaSalle University.

Marynowitz is considered one of the up-and-comers in the organization.

“Chip will not be doing this himself, obviously,” said Jeffrey Lurie, upon handing full personnel authority over to Kelly. “He has been charged with recruiting and hiring a new personnel executive that will report directly to him and together we will move forward with this new, highly-integrated approach.”