McCoy: ‘Are You Crazy? I Am the Same Player’

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

LeSean McCoy has stood in front of reporters once a week all season long and addressed many of the same questions about the Eagles’ run game.

Against the Packers, he carried 23 times for 88 yards, averaging 3.8 YPC.

Today, McCoy was asked whether he’s still the same player who led the NFL in rushing last season.

“Man, listen, I don’t care what’s out there,” McCoy said. “I’m not even gonna address am I the same player. I won’t address that. For what? What are we sitting here talking about? Am I the same player? That’s for y’all to figure out. Are you crazy? I am the same player. I’m not gonna sit here and play that game, like am I the same player.”

McCoy is second in the NFL with 196 carries. But among the 30 players who have at least 100 attempts, only eight have a worse yards-per-carry average (3.7).

Last year, Chip Kelly’s scheme combined with a healthy offensive line led to an explosive rushing attack nearly every week. McCoy had a career year and earned the rushing crown.

2014, however, has been a different story.

“This year, everything that’s happened as far as yardage and everything, you’ve gotta earn it,” McCoy said. “I’m really earning everything I get this year. But as far as knowing myself, I know everything about myself. I don’t think anything has changed. Knowing myself, everything’s the same. Confidence, same type of swagger, I don’t think anything has changed. That’ll never change.”

Eleven different offensive linemen have taken snaps for the Eagles through their first 10 games. Matt Tobin suffered a concussion against the Packers. If he’s not ready to go against the Titans, Andrew Gardner will take his place.

“I’ve learned that doesn’t matter,” McCoy said. “No matter what the circumstance is or what’s going on, I’ve learned that doesn’t matter because the only thing that matters to outsiders or people around or whoever is what you’re doing lately. So if Mac [Jeremy Maclin] goes out there and doesn’t catch no more balls and the fourth-string quarterback we just picked up yesterday is the quarterback, they don’t care about that. They look at the production he’s doing. So that’s something I’ve really learned if you’re asking me. And that’s fine.”

The Titans rank dead last in rushing defense, according to Football Outsiders’ rankings.

McCoy took notice Monday night when Le’Veon Bell piled up 204 yards against Tennessee.

“He was really patient,” McCoy said. “Guys up front really stuck it to them. They blocked very well for him, and he’s a good back. I’ve been saying that since last year. He’s a young, next up-and-coming back. He showed a lot of patience, hit the hole, ran aggressive, made some guys miss when it was time to make ’em miss. I’m gonna take a little bit of that, coming up in this game, just being patient, letting the plays develop.

“The good thing is I’ve seen that the Titans are aggressive and a good front, a good group, but they can be blocked up very well, which I watched from the Pittsburgh game. Giving the backs some lanes, some creases to hit, that’s something that I picked up on just watching a little bit of tape, especially watching that Monday night game for sure.”