Fired-Up Foles Sticks Up For Sproles

NFL: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles

Following the win over the Giants, tackle Lane Johnson referred to Markus Kuhn‘s third-quarter takedown of Darren Sproles as “a cheap-shot kind of deal.” He wasn’t the only Eagles player thinking along those lines.

A mic’d up Nick Foles gave the referee an earful after the play, as revealed on NBC’s Turning Point. (H/T to Anthony Capparell and BGN.)

With Sproles’ leg awkwardly stuck behind him, Kuhn rolled Sproles across his body after the initial takedown like a wrestler going for a pin. Sproles suffered an MCL sprain on the play. Chip Kelly said that he could be out “a week or two.”

This isn’t the first time Foles has shown some fire this season. After the Chris Baker hit against Washington and melee that followed, Foles told his teammates in the huddle: “Let’s go make them pay for this.”


A couple other items worth passing along tied to the New York game: Ed Kracz of the Intel wrote a good piece on Charlie Murgia, the Eagles’ flag-runner whose actions were misrepresented by the New York Daily News following the injury to Victor Cruz.

Thirteen years ago, when New York City was attacked on 9/11, Perkasie’s Charlie Murgia was on the scene within 48 hours. He was an ordinary citizen who couldn’t just sit idly by and watch. He wanted to help in any way he could. Through a series of many improbable twists and turns, Murgia ended up spending three mostly sleepless days wearing a hazmat suit and sifting through a multistory-high pile of rubble looking for survivors amid the wreckage of what was once the Twin Towers. Now, the city he once helped has betrayed him.

Cruz spent Sunday night at Jefferson Hospital after tearing the patellar tendon in his right knee, and was reportedly visited by the Eagles’ head coach.