McCoy On Being Pulled: ‘I Wasn’t Pissed About It’

Photo Credit: Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Three days after the Eagles notched their fourth victory of the season, some in the city are still wondering why LeSean McCoy was on the sideline when the offense was trying to ice the game against the Rams.

Today, the Birds’ starting running back tried to set the record straight.

“What happened was after the game, they asked me do I take myself out when Darren [Sproles] comes in the game, yeah,” McCoy said. “The majority of the times, I take myself, I’m tired, I come out. Sproles can take over and do his thing, and we’re confident in him to do that. But the last drive, [running backs coach] Duce [Staley] pulled me out.”

On 3rd-and-3 with 3:42 left, Sproles took a carry 25 yards. On first down of the next series, Sproles picked up 2. And on second down, he gained 2 more.

At that point, the Rams called a timeout. On 3rd-and-6, the Eagles decided to keep Sproles in the game instead of McCoy.

Asked if he was OK with that decision, McCoy said: “I’m OK with it. He must have felt like I was tired or whatever the case was. Duce is one of the guys I have tremendous confidence and trust [in]. So whatever he calls or wants to do, I’m totally fine with it. And it’s not like I had 10 carries or 18 carries. So it wasn’t an issue. He felt like I needed a blow. He pulled me out. There’s times where I am pissed like, ‘C’mon coach!’ but I really, truly trust him. Since he’s been here with me, it’s been nothing but great things. From workloads to pulling me out or to where I think I deserve the ball and I’m not getting it, passing game, whatever it may be. So that’s something where we have a bond – from football and outside of football, where I trust him.”

McCoy is averaging 2.0 YPC on 27 carries in the fourth quarter this season. Last year, he was one of the best closers in the game, totaling 441 yards and averaging 6.0 YPC.

Asked if he was tired on Sunday when Staley pulled him, McCoy said: “I felt like I was OK. But then again, it’s your coach. They feel like they know you so much better than you know yourself, so I didn’t really sweat it. I wasn’t pissed about it. That’s why when I heard the questions, it was surprising because I will always voice my opinion, no matter if I should or I shouldn’t. …That’s what he wanted to do. There’s plays where I want to come out and he’s on the side telling me stay in, so it goes both ways.”


Jeremy Maclin was in no mood to discuss a couple topics today: the Eagles’ lack of success on deep balls and Antrel Rolle.

In what barely qualifies as trash talk, Rolle said earlier this week that the Eagles were not the team to beat in the NFC East, noting that the division was weak last year.

“He talks a lot. He talks too much,” said Maclin.

Meanwhile, this photo of Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Prince Amukamara was posted on Twitter.

“Anybody can live in the past, man,” said Maclin.

Meanwhile, Maclin was asked about the team’s lack of success on plays downfield.

“I don’t know,” he said. “According to y’all, I can’t run and he can’t throw. … “We’re 4-1. At the end of the day, we’re 4-1. I think at this time last year, we were 2-3.”