Russell Wilson Texted the Eagles During the Draft

When Russell Wilson finished his interview with then-Eagles scout Daniel Jeremiah at the Senior Bowl in 2012, he asked for Jeremiah’s phone number.

“At the end of the interview, you always ask for the player’s number so you can get in touch with them,” Jeremiah recounted during his Move the Sticks podcast on “He asked for my number, and then I would get text messages from him periodically saying, ‘If the Eagles draft me, I will lead the Eagles to championships.’ He would send me these text messages.”

Jeremiah reiterated what’s been reported before: that the Eagles were high on Wilson during that year’s draft. The Seahawks ended up taking him with the 75th overall pick (third round). The Eagles grabbed Nick Foles 13 picks later at No. 88.

“Even the day of the draft, the first day of the draft, ‘If the Eagles draft me, I’ll lead ‘em to championships,’ ” Jeremiah continued. “He’s sending me these text messages. We really liked him, and I thought there was a very real chance he was gonna end up being a Philadelphia Eagle there, and then of course Seattle ends up taking him.”

Foles posted the third-highest passer rating in NFL history last season. Wilson helped lead the Seahawks to a Super Bowl. The two quarterbacks will square off in Week 14 at the Linc (Dec. 7).


Jeremiah also had Howie Roseman on the podcast. He asked the Eagles’ GM about Wilson, and while Roseman didn’t want to discuss a player on another team, he offered interesting insight about how the Birds view the Seahawks in general.

“That whole crew has done a tremendous job, and we’re chasing them,” Roseman said. “That’s our job here is to chase those guys and get better and you know it, you’ve been in my office as recently as a couple weeks ago. And we’ve got their roster up. We look at it every day and we try to figure out ways because that’s who we’re chasing right now. Those guys will be ready, and that’s how we’re building our team and trying to beat those guys and what they have. And they’ve certainly got a tremendous quarterback.”

The entire podcast is worth a listen.