Jeremy Maclin: ‘My Value Is My Value’


When Jeremy Maclin signed a one-year deal with the Eagles last month, the consensus was that he’d be joining a a wide receiver group that included DeSean Jackson.

Given the numbers on Jackson’s contract and the fact that he had a career year in 2013, it seemed fair to label him the No. 1 guy. But with Jackson’s status still up in the air, the possibility exists that Maclin will be called on to carry the load in 2014.

“I think my value is my value regardless of who I have playing around me,” Maclin said when approached by reporters at Todd Herremans’ Hoops 4 Help charity event. “That’s just kind of my mindset, kind of how I approach the situation. So like I said, I’m excited to be here and whatever happens in the organization happens in the organization. This was a similar situation when the Eagles decided to part ways with T.O. [Terrell Owens]. That’s just how the game goes sometimes. So I guess we’ll see.”

Maclin was asked about whether Jackson’s presence makes his job easier in terms of how opponents defend the Eagles.

“In the NFL, guys don’t get double-teamed in this league,” Maclin said. “There’s one guy that gets double-teamed and that’s Calvin Johnson at the goal line. Guys don’t get double-teamed in this league. If you weren’t out there and you weren’t able to make plays, you wouldn’t be out there. To have him on the field and able to make plays is a plus for the offense, but at the same time, anybody that’s out there making plays is capable of doing so.”

As for his health, Maclin said his straight-line speed is back to where it was prior to tearing his ACL last July. He’s running routes and trying to get his quad stronger. The next step is working on his lateral movement.

He may not be full-go for OTAs and mini-camps, but Maclin is expected to be 100 percent for training camp.

“Mac’s doing well, rehab-wise. The one thing about Mac is he’s been there every single day,” Kelly said earlier this week. “Even last year during the season he still attended position meetings, he was in the training room, it seemed like every day.

“And according to what everybody’s saying, he’s on track. I think it was a big blow for us losing him in the preseason just because I was excited getting a chance to work through OTAs and mini-camp with him. Very, very talented. He’s one of those guys that if we’re gonna to see a lot of man coverage, I think can do a really, really good job because he’s such a precise route-runner, has outstanding speed, is good after the catch. And so we’re excited to have him back. I don’t know exactly what his status will be in the offseason through OTAs and mini-camp. But I know he’ll be 100 percent for training camp.”