Sproles: ‘It Could Get Real Crazy’

NFL: NFC Wildcard Playoff-New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles

Having seen from a distance the way the Eagles’ offense performed last season, Darren Sproles was asked Friday what the expectations should be now that he and Jeremy Maclin have been added to the mix.

“I feel that it could get real crazy,” he told reporters at the NovaCare Complex.

It had been a nerve-wracking week for Sproles. First it looked like the Saints would be cutting him, but then the front office realized it could get something back for the nine-year veteran. Of course, that meant the possibility of Sproles having to play somewhere he didn’t feel comfortable.

But in the end, he said, everything worked out.

“When I finally heard it, I was just happy because they could have traded me somewhere where I didn’t want to be,” Sproles said.

The 5-6, 190-pounder turns 31 in June. But to call him a running back probably is inaccurate, particularly when you consider how he will probably be utilized in the Eagles’ offense.

“I feel great,” Sproles said. “That’s just been the thing forever. The times have changed though, I feel. I’m not much like a pounder so I’m not really taking them big shots.”

For now, Sproles’ future is more stable. He’ll get some time off and then start practicing with the team in the spring. But he already has a little bit of a sense of how he’ll fit.

“For me, watching them last year from a distance, they do a lot of good stuff, a lot of space,” he said. “So I like that.”