New Seats, New Pricing Coming To the Linc

The second phase of the Eagles $125 million revitalization project at Lincoln Financial Field is underway. Along with installing new HD video boards and enhancing the overall audio/video experience, they will be adding 1,600 seats to bring the total capacity to a shade over 69,000.

The addition of more seats will allow the Eagles to take a bite out of their season ticket waiting list, which president Don Smolenski says is currently around 40,000.

Along with the new seating configuration comes an adjustment to the pricing. Approximately 52 percent of tickets will increase in price, ranging from an extra $10-$25 per ticket. These are for the more desirable seats, mostly in the lower bowl. Some 43 percent will stay the same in cost and five percent will go down. The average ticket price will still be the lowest in the NFC East, per Smolenski.

“Over the years we have received a number of requests from our season ticket members to purchase seat licenses, relocate their seats, or purchase additional tickets,” said  Smolenski. “By adding new seats to our stadium, there are opportunities to fulfill some of these requests. Our ticket office will be managing this process over the next few months and we will be fair and flexible throughout the process.”

The new seats will be added to the Northeast  and Southwest corners, as well as in the lower bowl in sections 107, 108, 131 and 132.

NW Seating Area
SW Seating Area
NE Seating Area

Approximately 350 seats have been ripped out from the Northeast corner as part of the reconfiguration. Those occupants will have to find new homes in the Linc. The Eagles are also using this time to try and cater to season ticket holders who have asked to relocate. Put it all together, and it’s a giant puzzle that members of the organization will spend months trying to complete. The expectation is that the seats will be in place, and the puzzle solved, by late July.


seating map

Here’s a link to the Previous Pricing Map.