Lurie Talks Super Bowl, Foles And More

Jeffrey Lurie
was front and center for Roger Goodell‘s state of the NFL press conference in New York Friday. Afterwards, he spoke with the NFL Network about the future of quarterbacks Nick Foles and Michael Vick, the possibility of Philadelphia hosting a Super Bowl, and more.

Some highlights:

On Philly hosting a Super Bowl

“Philly would be a great place to host it. It has everything,” he said. “All the infrastructure, fourth largest city in the country, state of the art stadium and great fan base.”

Lurie referenced the Snow Bowl when dicussing how memorable cold-weather games can be, and pointed out that some of the greatest games in the league’s history have been played in the elements.

Goodell did not commit to having the Super Bowl in other cold-weather cities at his press conference, but said it was something they would review.

Is Foles the guy moving forward deep into the future?

“Well he’s been great. What a first year-and-a-half with Nick. Spectacular. Real smart, poised, wants to be great. Great teammate, great leader. He’s got a lot going for him, but you know in the NFL you’ve got to compete at all times. But he’s had a great first year-and-a-half.”

On playoff expansion

“We have to be careful. We’ve always wanted to be a league that it’s not easy to make the playoffs. I think adding one team per conference might work. We’ve got to schedule it in a way where the follow-up games allow for equal preparation for all teams…I could be in favor of it if we can find a way to schedule it where there is no competitive advantage.”

Making all plays reviewable

“I am firmly in favor of that. I think what we can do is still limit the number of challenges — if we don’t go to a centralized system — I just think coaches and teams will want to wait and use their challenges for big plays. And those could be pass interference calls, big plays, game-impacting plays. It’s frustrating when you find a play that could have changed the game and you can’t challenge it. We’ve got to address that and I think we will.”

Thoughts on a centralized replay system

“We’ve got to study that, if it’s possible to use a centralized system and take the on-field referees out of the decision-making. I think it has potential. I really do.”

On Vick

“I think Michael is deserving to compete. I think there will be teams interested in him. He’s been a great teammate, he’s been a great person in the community in Philly. I wish Michael the best. He’s a good guy and I hope good things happen. He’s been a great help to Nick.”