McCoy Wouldn’t Want Sherman On His Team

LeSean McCoy has never been shy about voicing his opinion on other players around the league.

Whether it’s Osi Umenyiora or Knowshon Moreno, the Eagles’ running back usually has a take one way or another. The most recent subject he chimed in on was Richard Sherman.

Speaking to Steve Phillips and Evan Cohen during a Sirius XM interview, McCoy was asked for one player he would never want on his team. He paused for a second before naming Sherman.

“I would take Darrelle Revis. He’s better,” McCoy said, showing some love for his fellow Pitt Panther.

“If you watch Darrelle Revis’ tape, right, his best clips, and you take [Sherman], it’s not even close. …As a player you’re gonna promote yourself, but if we’re gonna be realistic about it, c’mon. [It’s] Revis.

“Next year off the knee injury when he’s really healthy… $16 million in one season for a reason. You know how that works. …He’s a lock-down defender. He doesn’t have tons of safety help. It’s Revis, we need you to lock him up, and he’s gonna get it done.”

Later in the interview when the hosts pointed out that McCoy didn’t like Sherman, he corrected them – kind of.

“I like Sherman,” he said. “I like his confidence. …Oh no, I wouldn’t want him in the locker room in Philadelphia. It would be too much.”

Audio of the interview is embedded below. Hat tip to Newsday for the link.