Vick Ready To Move On

All of the questions were the type that you ask a player who is about to move on. The responses that came back suggested Michael Vick is ready to do just that.

“It’s hard to sum up my time here. Everything has been so surreal and has happened so abruptly,” said Vick right before cleaning out his locker Monday. “The thing I do know is I appreciate the fans, I appreciate this organization, I appreciate the relationships and the teammates I’ve been able to [have] in this locker room. There’s a lot of guys in here I’ll always keep in contact with and I’ll consider my brothers.”

Vick’s one-year deal is set to expire and he will become a free agent. He believes he can still play at a high level and is looking for another chance to be the No. 1 guy.

“My desire is to start,” said Vick. “I’m 33, I still feel good, and the way I’ve been able to take care of my body this year, the things that I’ve learned from, the nutrition aspect of everything, really has given me another jumpstart. I feel good, I still know I can play and I’m just confident in what I can do based on what I do every day.

“I feel like I’m built to do this, and just want to continue to keep it going. I’m not finished.”

Last year’s proceedings had a similar feel to them in a way. Vick, unsettled by the locker room culture and frustrated after a dismal 4-12 campaign, sounded ready to part ways with the Eagles. The front office seemed ready to turn the page as well. As Vick walked out carrying a tarp full of his belongings, the general feeling was that he was exiting the NovaCare for good. Once Chip Kelly was introduced into the equation, the dynamics shifted.

Vick wants to be a starter, but it’s yet to be seen what the market will be like for the veteran QB. Would he consider returning as a backup if there are no starting opportunities elsewhere?

“Yeah, I think we’ll have to just cross that bridge when we get there,” he said. “As of right now I can’t even see that far. I’m praying things work out in my favor but you never know. I try to stay optimistic about everything and look at everything from a realistic standpoint as far as what I want and things I can obtain and what I want to try to continue to try to achieve.”

The feeling is that this is it; that the last chapter of Vick’s most memorable stay in Philadelphia has been written.

“I think this football team is in great shape. I think with Chip, and starting with Jeffrey [Lurie], and the structure that Chip has been able to put together, this organization is in great shape going into 2014 and beyond,” said Vick. “I’m just thankful I’ve been able to be a part of it, learn so much, experience the things that I’ve had an opportunity to experience this year.”