Adrian Peterson High On McCoy

Adrian Peterson
admitted that even if running backs say that aren’t checking out their stats and comparing themselves to the other backs around the league, they really are.

And so, he knows that only LeSean McCoy has him beat in yards through 13 games. McCoy entered Sunday’s game with 1,305 yards on 261 carries (5.0 avg.). Peterson has 1,221 yards on 268 carries (4.6 avg.)

McCoy’s lead will grow this week, as Peterson was forced to sit out against the Eagles with a foot injury.

“I was anxious to go out there today and go head-to-head with him, but unfortunately it wasn’t able to happen,” said Peterson, who made a brief appearance in the  press box prior to kickoff.

“I like him, man. He’s represents the position very well. Quick, fast, explosive. It’s really exciting to watch him because you know something exciting and spectacular can come. And he’s got this deception about him because you look at him, he doesn’t look like he’s able to do the stuff that he does. That comes from hard work, willpower.”

Peterson is poised to go down as one the best running backs of all time. In six-plus season, the 28-year-old has racked up over 10,000 yards and 86 touchdowns.

That kind of sustained dominance is what McCoy wants to achieve. He was hoping Peterson would be able to play this week because of the respect he has for him.

“It means a lot. It shows how blessed I am, it shows the effect I have on these young  guys and running backs and  just players in general. I always try to tell these youngsters to reach for the stars, to accept competition. And for him to want to go up against me head-to-head, that’s what it’s all about.

“He’s very impressive and exciting to watch.I would buy a ticket to see him play.”