Three Questions: Eagles Playoff Scenarios

NFL: Detroit Lions at Philadelphia Eagles

Earlier this week, we sorted through some potential Eagles playoff scenarios, but there have still been questions about what’s possible and what’s not in the weeks ahead.

So let’s try to sort through them Q&A style.

What are the Eagles’ chances of making the playoffs?

After last week’s games, the Eagles now have a 67.1 percent chance to make the postseason, according to Football Outsiders. That’s up 6.3 percent from the previous week.

The Cowboys’ postseason chances dropped to 36.9 percent. They had been 52.7 percent before the last week.

What seed are the Eagles potentially looking at?

The Eagles have a 50.7 percent chance of earning the No. 3 seed, per Football Outsiders. That would mean a home playoff game against the sixth-ranked team in the first round and a potential trip the No. 2 seed in the divisional round.

The Eagles still have an outside shot (3.5 percent) at a first-round bye. They would have to make up a two-game deficit on the Saints, the current NFC South leader. That means either New Orleans would have to go 1-2 and the Eagles 3-0. Or the Saints would have to go 0-3 and the Eagles 2-1. The Saints travel to St. Louis and to Carolina before hosting the Bucs in Week 17.

Additionally, the Eagles would need the Panthers to lose at least one of their remaining three contests.

The No. 4 seed (9.5 percent) is not totally out of the question. That would require the NFC North winner (Bears, Lions or Packers) overtaking the Eagles. In that scenario, the Eagles would still host a first-round playoff game.

What about potential opponent?

If the season ended today, the Eagles would host the 49ers in the first round. And San Francisco is in fact the Birds’ most likely first-round opponent overall.

Chip Kelly vs. Jim Harbaugh? I think the fans and media would have some fun with that. The Niners are currently 9-4 and in second place in the NFC West. They have a 44.2 chance of earning the six-seed.

The other team to keep an eye on is the Panthers. Carolina (9-4) has a 30.9 percent chance of being the six-seed.

The Cardinals (8-5), meanwhile, have an 8.2 percent chance.

There are still three weeks to go, but that’s where things stand right now.

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