Arians: We Sent Tape To League Office

The Arizona Cardinals have sent tapes containing about 15 plays from Sunday’s game to the league office for review.

“There were obviously problems in the ballgame,” said head coach Bruce Arians. “There are protocol to follow. We followed the protocol. We sent the tapes into the league office. [Vice President of Officiating] Dean Blandino does a great  job as far as being honest on the calls, and we’ll follow up more…on what will be done and can be done later, but that’s all I’ll say about the officiating in that ballgame. The proper channels have been followed, and there were obviously very many problems.”

Arians noted that the Cards submitted about 15 plays for review.

“That’s pretty high,” he said. “I think that’s considered a problem.”

Among the plays submitted was the 4th-and-5 on the Cardinals’ last possession, where Bradley Fletcher broke up a pass intended for Michael Floyd. There was some contact before the ball got to Floyd but nothing was called. The Tyrann Mathieu defensive holding call that negated Nick Foles‘ interception is sure to be on the tape, as well as the holding call on Matt Shaughnessy in the game’s final moments that allowed the Eagles to run the clock out.

“As long as everybody owns up to it, you move on. It’s part of the game,” Arians said. “We’re here working our tails off this week, those guys are back at their other jobs.”