Cooper, Williams Get In Dust-Up

Riley Cooper and Cary Williams had a heated exchange during practice Thursday morning.

Williams was covering the receiver during one-on-one drills. After the play, they stood toe-to-toe jawing at one another. It turned physical and some slaps were thrown at each others’ helmets. Brandon Boykin jumped in to help separate the two.

As Cooper walked away, Williams ripped off his helmet, tossed it to the ground and began pursuing him, but was blocked by Michael Vick.

The cornerback was sent off the field to cool down and was seen pacing on the sidelines. Cooper was talked to by DeSean Jackson and an assistant coach before rejoining the drill.

While the mind will immediately jump to Cooper’s remarks earlier this offseason, it is unknown whether that had anything to do with this dust-up. We’ll have more once practice is over.

Update: Video below, courtesy of Comcast SportsNet.