Vick Gets Majority Of First-Team Reps

Generally speaking, Michael Vick and Nick Foles have split first-team reps down the middle since the quarterback competition began this spring. Saturday was a different story.

Vick, fresh off another strong preseason performance on Thursday, worked with the first team for the majority of the team drills. Foles got a look in the latter stages of the session.

Signs are beginning to point to Vick being the starter on September 9 against the Redskins. Chip Kelly, though, is not ready to crown a winner. And he said that the plan for next week’s preseason tilt with the Jaguars (rotation, etc.) will not be hammered out until Monday.

Kelly hasn’t provided the quarterbacks with any update either, according to Vick.

“I didn’t even notice [that I got more first-team reps],” he said. “I’m so used to going back and forth with the ones and twos. I’m used to it and I don’t look at it any different. I’ve gotta keep working hard, man.”

Vick is 13-of-15 for 199 yards with a touchdown and an interception so far this preseason. His lone blemish came on a Hail Mary pass in the waning moments of the first half against Carolina Thursday. Foles is 11-of-14 for 96 yards with a rushing touchdown, an interception and a lost fumble.

Kelly said on Saturday that he wished he could name a starting QB right now, though part of him clearly likes the competition part of it. Having a “depth chart made out of sand” can prevent your players from getting comfortable. And, by coincidence or otherwise, Vick seems to be very much dialed in. He says he won’t be satisfied, even if he does win the job.

“When you look at the great ones — you marvel at Tom Brady,” said Kelly. “When I got a chance to visit with Tommy when he was here he was talking about putting his work in and how much time…Once you think you’ve arrived in this game, you get passed on by. Whether it’s quarterback, running back, offensive line, if you become a starter that doesn’t mean all of a sudden you can kick your feet up and say, ‘Alright, I’m all set. This is a good deal.’ It’s about getting better every day and there is always something you can learn whether it’s as a coach or a player, so I think that mindset will really benefit Mike in the long run.”

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