Maclin On Contract: I’m Aware Of Everything Around Me

No holdout and little hoopla this time around.

Jeremy Maclin, entering the final year of his rookie contract, reported to training camp on time as expected. He took part in OTAs and minicamp this spring and didn’t contemplate a holdout.

Why not?

“How many of those guys got what they wanted?” Maclin asked the gathered media rhetorically. “That’s how I look at it.”

The 25-year-old had a front-row seat for DeSean Jackson‘s contract squabble, saw that his methods got him nowhere. Maclin is taking a different approach.

“I’m excited, man,” said Maclin of his emotions heading into training camp in the final year of a deal. “I’m aware of everything that happens around me, but I’m excited to go out there and prove what I’m worth.”

 Are you aware of the contracts that other receivers have been getting around the league?

“I’m aware,” he said, drawing laughs.

He is probably aware, then, that Mike Williams got a reported six-year, $40 million deal with the Bucs yesterday that includes about $10 million guaranteed. Knows that Victor Cruz signed a six-year, $46 million contract with the Giants ($15.6 guaranteed). And of course he’s familiar with the five-year, $47 deal that Jackson eventually received ($15 million guaranteed).

Maclin’s value compared to these receivers can and will be debated, but the point is that the market is setting. And how he performs in 2013 can certainly impact the size of his next contract.

Will that next contract come from the Eagles? Maclin said that there have not been talks of an extension as of yet.

“We’re going to look at all those things. We obviously have some salary cap room now,” said general manager Howie Roseman, when asked if he anticipates any contract extensions between now and the start of the season. “But also when you look at our roster going forward the cap gets flat and we’ve got to fit everyone in. But we have some young players on the team that we’re excited about their future and we’ll keep looking at those situations.”

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