Eagles Wake-Up Call: A Note On Fisher, Jordan

Eric Fisher has visited five NFL teams during the pre-draft process, including the Eagles. The 6-7, 306-pound Central Michigan product told PFT that he made trips to Philadelphia, Jacksonville, Detroit, Cleveland and Carolina.

Some believe he will be the Eagles’ pick at 4. Others don’t think he will last that long. What does Fisher think?

“It’s kind of hard to tell where I’m going,” said Fisher. “From what I hear this is a different draft this year — there is not that solid first pick or first couple picks. I have no idea where I’m going to end up, but wherever I get an opportunity to go play some football I’ll be truly blessed. I’m just really looking forward to Thursday night, hearing my name.”

More and more analysts now consider Fisher the top tackle in the draft. Still, most regard Texas A&M’s Luke Joeckel as the safer pick, largely because he played against better competition.

“I know I played in a MAC school and I understand where people are coming from, but I think I answered all the questions at the Senior Bowl and at the Combine — especially at the Senior Bowl,” said Fisher. “I was going up against the top competition in the country. I have to say I answered all the questions.”

If Fisher isn’t the pick at 4, Dion Jordan very well may be. Greg Cosell predicts as much in his recently-released mock draft.

I was fortunate to be on the field at the Scouting Combine, and to watch this 6-foot-6, 250-pounder move was a revelation. He looked like a wide receiver. On film, he was naturally athletic, very smooth and fluid, and surprisingly explosive given his length. At Oregon this past season, he primarily played in space, which he did exceptionally well. I had to study a lot of games to get a feel for his pass rush skills. They were impressive, and I believe he will become a very good edge rusher in the NFL. He showed the ability to get low and bend the edge with the needed flexibility to succeed against quality NFL offensive tackles. There’s much to like about Jordan, and he’s just scratching the surface. Want a comparison? How about Jason Taylor.

I think the Eagles would live with a Taylor clone.

Many names have been tied to the fourth pick over recent weeks. Fisher and Jordan’s are two that seem to stick.


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Todd McShay thinks that the Eagles, out of the teams picking in the top 5, have the best chance of contending next season. Dan Graziano isn’t convinced.

Personally, I think the Eagles could go either way. I agree with Todd about the good pieces in place, especially if the offensive linemen can all recover from their injuries and play the way they played in 2011. But I have major concerns about Vick and about the ability of all of the defensive players to learn a whole new defense in time for the start of the season. A major shift in defensive schemes can take two years to fully implement, and it might be that the Eagles need more than just the next several months to be as good as they can be in Kelly’s and Bill Davis’ system.

Jeff McLane writes that Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner may not be ready for training camp.

Milliner would likely start right away. He had shoulder surgery in March and may not be ready by training camp.

“We haven’t been able to do the rehab like I want to because I’ve been going to different teams,” Milliner said. “But once the draft is over, I’ll be able to start to rehab it and try to get back on track.”


Fullback Leonard Weaver will sign a one-day contract and retire as an Eagle. He will hold a press conference today at 1 p.m. Plenty more draft coverage from us.