A Note On Commenting

We are now nearly seven months into this whole Birds 24/7 experiment, and well, things are going great.

You stuck with us through training camp, the ups-and-downs (OK, mostly downs) of a 4-12 season, a coaching change and now what promises to be a busy offseason. We’ll be at the combine, the owners’ meetings and will also have free agency (March 12) covered.

As the site grows, we’re attracting more readers, and many of you are stopping by multiple times a day to see what’s happening, or to discuss the latest news in our comments section. We encourage that.

But we want to make sure that the discussion is thoughtful and respectful. That means no name-calling, personal attacks or individuals trying to dominate the conversation.

Whether the topic is Michael Vick, DeSean Jackson or Chip Kelly, we realize there are going to be disagreements and strong opinions. That’s part of being a sports fan. But the back-and-forth here should remain civil and respectful at all times. The point is to further the conversation, not just win an argument.

Hope that makes sense to everyone. Thanks again for all the support. We look forward to being one of your go-to spots during an exciting offseason.

-Sheil and Tim