Vick Believes He Can Run Kelly’s System

 Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael VickMichael Vick talked to Mike & Mike this morning about his decision to restructure his contract to stay in Philadelphia.

“Initially I weighed my options,” said Vick. “The city of Philadelphia has been great to me, the organization has been great. I’ve enjoyed my ride there, my experience. It was pretty much all up in the air. It was my decision, it was at my discretion. It was also at their discretion. Overall you have to look at what really works and what makes you comfortable, and I felt as if coming back made me feel comfortable. Meeting with Chip [Kelly] for the first time, I felt as if we can make it work if we had the opportunity to work together. It was a whole array of things that brought me back.”

Kelly sounded like he wants Vick to be part of the quarterback equation for the 2013 season, though Vick’s new one-year deal does offer the Eagles some flexibility.

According to Sal Paolantonio, the $3.5 million signing bonus is to be paid in full by April 15, while his base salary —  another $3.5 million — is not due until the 2013 season begins. Besides a $500,000 roster bonus, Vick can earn another half-million for 50 percent playing time, $1 million for 90 percent playing time, and $1 million for winning the Super Bowl.

There is some wiggle room if the Eagles decide to go in a different direction (though they are on the hook for the signing bonus even if they trade him before April 15, says Andrew Brandt), and won’t pay out the full $10 million unless Vick takes them to the promised land.

The 32-year-old quarterback is confident that he can run Kelly’s system if it does in fact have a read-option element to it.

“When I was in the league for five or six years things started to transition and the Wildcat became relevant. Not necessarily being the Wildcat, but you look at the type of offenses that are being run now which a lot of guys are having success at, I ran in 2006 and I ran for 1,000 yards doing it, and it wasn’t hard — all you have to do is train,” said Vick. “I feel like I can still do that. To what level? I don’t know, but the way that I feel I think I can do it at a high level.”

Vick is referencing his last year in Atlanta, where he rushed for a career-best 1,039 yards and threw 20 touchdowns to 13 interceptions. The Falcons went 7-9.

Kelly is not a fan of having one label applied to his schemes, and said that a separate system would not be required for Nick Foles. Obviously, though, the quarterbacks have two different skill sets. Kelly likes what Vick brings to the table, and will give him the chance to earn the starter’s role once more.

“In talking with Chip, even though we couldn’t talk X’s and O’s (because of the CBA rules), I could tell he was innovative,” said Vick. “That’s what it’s all about in this league. It’s not about just lining up week in and week out and doing things that becomes redundant and teams start to pick up on. You have to be able to change up from week to week, and I think Chip will be able to do that. I feel like I can handle that, not only myself but all the other quarterbacks as well that will be on our roster.”

You can listen to the entire interview here.