Eagles, Vick Agree To Restructured Deal

It looks like Michael Vick is sticking around, at least for one more year.

The team announced late Monday morning that Vick has agreed to restructure his contract. For all intents and purposes it is a one-year deal. Because of certain provisions in the salary cap and Collective Bargaining Agreement, it was set up as a three-year deal. However, the last two years void on March 15.

The quarterback was scheduled to make $15.5 million in 2013. According to reports, Vick can now make up to $10 million this season.

Vick has had multiple sit-downs with Chip Kelly since the former Oregon coach came on board, and has left those meeting feeling optimistic about the Eagles’ future.

The 32-year-old was ready to move on from the Eagles after a very bumpy 2012 season. His offensive line ripped apart by injuries, the 32-year-old had his worst campaign since taking over as the team’s starter. He sustained a concussion in November against the Cowboys, lost his job to Nick Foles, and then was forced into action in the regular-season finale — a 42-7 loss to the Giants. Fed up by the group’s lack of effort, he ripped into his teammates once the 4-12 season had mercifully come to an end.

Asked if he wanted to return to the Eagles in 2013, Vick responded, “I don’t know.”

He was ready to part ways and so too, it seemed, were the Eagles. The one wild card from the start in all this was Kelly. If he came on board, the possibility existed that there would be a mutual attraction, and that seems to be the case.

However, this is a trial run. An experiment. According to a league source, Vick does not head into this offseason as the starter, but will have to compete for the job. Even if he wins it, he is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent in 2014.

Where does this all leave Foles? He is still on the roster and Vick isn’t going to automatically be named the starter, so he is in the mix — at least for right now.

The second-year signal-caller is not an ideal fit for the system Kelly ran at Oregon.

“I think you know the answer — I have never ran the zone read; I’m more of a dropback [QB], but I’ve been under center, I’ve been in the gun,” Foles said. “If I can adapt I want to, but I’m not a zone read quarterback. Some people are gifted with different things, that’s just not one of my skill sets. I mean I can work on my speed in the offseason and get better at that, but I’ve always been a dropback in the pocket, been able to make plays on my feet, throwing the ball or running for a first down.”

Kelly has stressed since taking the Eagles job that he will adapt to personnel. He hired Pat Shurmur to be his offensive coordinator. Shurmur is rooted in the West Coast Offense, and the hiring could be a sign that Kelly is in fact willing to be flexible.

“I think you need to have people that have some versatility because your starting quarterback may be able to run your scheme, and your backup quarterback may not,” said Kelly. “So you don’t just throw your hands up in the first quarter when he ‘s out and say, ‘We’re in trouble now.’ You’ve got to be able to adapt.”

The Eagles are also looking at former Oregon QB Dennis Dixon, who was on the Ravens’ practice squad this past season.