The Latest On Bradley And the Coaching Search

It is still very much a possibility that Gus Bradley will become the next head coach of the Eagles. But we are not there yet.

Bradley will be in Philadelphia this afternoon for his second interview, which is being described by a league source as a continuation of the first interview back in Atlanta. That sit-down between Jeffrey Lurie, Howie Roseman, Don Smolenski and Bradley was shorter than they would have liked, given that it was awkwardly scheduled the day before Seattle’s divisional playoff game against the Falcons.

The Seahawks are now out of the postseason running and Bradley is available. He is expected to meet with the Jaguars on Wednesday, though that can always be cancelled if the meeting with the Eagles turns serious.

There have been reports flying around suggesting that it is a done deal between Bradley and the Eagles, but several sources have shot down that notion. One league source said that agents of other potential candidates have not been told that the race is over, and at least one still believes there is open competition.

The team had no other second interviews scheduled as of early Tuesday.

The Eagles met with Jay Gruden and Ken Whisenhunt on Monday. Whisenhunt made a strong case for himself by focusing on his accomplishments, which includes a Super Bowl win as offensive coordinator of the Steelers and Super Bowl appearance as head coach of the Cardinals in less than ideal circumstances. He is now considered ahead of Brian Billick in terms of desirable candidates.

Bruce Arians, meanwhile, is no longer part of the equation. There was a report that the Colts offensive coordinator would interview with the Eagles Tuesday, but the team came out Monday night and said nothing was scheduled. Moments later, the second interview with Bradley was announced for that day. Arians is now considered “off the radar.”

Bradley is very much on it. It might not be a stretch to call him the front-runner, but he’s not at the finish line quite yet.