‘Business As Usual’

If Andy Reid is fired before New Year’s as many expect, the players will be getting very short notice.

According to multiple player sources, Reid had not addressed his future with the team as of early Saturday afternoon. Even as  they began their trip north to take on the Giants, there was no message.

“Business as usual,” said one Eagle.

Brent Celek told the media on Friday that “you guys know as much as I do” when it comes to Reid’s fate. With all the attention that the topic has received in recent weeks, everyone is at least aware that change could be on the horizon. But that doesn’t mean they are accepting it as fact.

“I feel like Coach Reid will be here. That’s my mindset until told otherwise,” said LeSean McCoy. “He’s a great coach, I support him, I think he should stay here. It’s not my call.”

Celek was asked if he can see a scenario in which Reid does return.

“I mean I can,” Celek said. “This is Jeffrey’s team. It’s his choice and we all respect that. Whatever he decides we go with it and you’re happy with it. That’s up to him. Personally, could I see [Reid coming back]? Yeah, but that’s me.”

The anticipation is that Lurie will choose to move on from the coach who helped build him one of the more stable and successful franchises in the NFL. Both the success and stability has waned over the last two seasons, however, and Reid has fallen well short of demand that “substantial improvement” be shown.

There are already reports that Reid is hot for the San Diego job and is lining up a potential coaching staff, and several outlets have linked the Eagles to Chip Kelly. Change at this point appears inevitable. Yet 24 hours before their last game under Reid, word had yet to come down.

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