Eagles Wake-Up Call: Cosell On the Foles Effect

 A little more from my recent conversation with Greg Cosell of NFL Films.

Cosell not only analyzed the play of Nick Foles in the here and now, but put in perspective just how critical the evaluation process over the next four games will be for the Eagles.

“This is the biggest decision this organization has to make,” said Cosell. “Let’s assume there is somewhat of a progression [in Foles’ play],  then this organization has to decide, ‘Do I go into the offseason looking for a quarterback or do I essentially name Nick Foles the starter?'”

And if they decide to go with Foles, what kind of quarterback do they believe he is? That, Cosell says, will influence their upcoming coaching search. If you think Foles is a quarterback capable of making all the throws and running a sophisticated passing offense, then there are no limitations as to the type of coach you can bring in. But if he is more of a game-manager type?

“They would have to hire a coach more in the Gary Kubiak mold where the offense starts in the run game and the pass game works off that,” said Cosell.

It is an interesting point, and it goes deeper. Cosell believes the decision to go with a run-first system could significantly impact the running back situation.

“I do not believe [LeSean] McCoy can be a featured back in a run-first offense…because I don’t think McCoy runs between the tackles in base runs; it is not his game,” said Cosell. “I don’t think you can run power as your foundation with McCoy.”

Cosell believes McCoy is best suited for a pass-first offense because he thrives off of “space runs.”

That is something to keep in mind when trying to piece this whole puzzle together.


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 Ashley Fox talked to one NFL general manager who believes there will be a market for Michael Vick if the Eagles decide to part ways.

“I definitely believe there will be opportunities for him,” the general manager said. “There are people out there that are just clamoring and struggling and trying to find any semblance of a quarterback. Although Michael hasn’t performed, there are a lot of reasons for that. I still think he’s an incredibly talented athlete. He can move the ball around the field. If used properly, he can win games and win playoff games.

“If I were a GM just starting and wasn’t going to have a shot at a quarterback, or [a GM] on the tail end trying to keep my ass alive, Michael Vick would be on my team and taking starting snaps. In this league, you have to eke out wins. You can eke out wins with him, even if you had to put him in spots where he had to run and do things. There are too many people who recognize his ability, his athleticism and what he can do.”

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Nick Foles good. Josh Freeman better.


Eagles hop on a big-ol’ jet plane to Tampa. We’ll be right behind them.