Herremans Rolls In, Gives Health Update

Todd Herremans came wheeling through the locker room early Wednesday afternoon on one of those Roll-A-Bout’s, undoubtedly to the disapproval of Jason Peters.

Wearing a large cast on his right leg, he stopped long enough to provide us with an update.

“I’ll have the cast off on the 17th I believe. That will come off and then I’ll go into a walking boot as long as everything looks good on the X-ray,” said Herremans. “I’ll be in the walking boot for a couple of weeks and then will ease back into normal stuff. We have the whole offseason to get into running and getting into shape. But I imagine as soon as the bones are healed up, we’ll have to wait and see until the ligaments and tendons are all healed up and everything, and then just get my range back. I’m sure I lost some strength in my calf, too.”

Herremans landed awkwardly in the first quarter against the Saints back on November 5 and sustained a dislocated bone, some fractures and torn ligaments in his right foot. He was placed on injured reserve and has been seldom seen since. But Herremans said he is getting tired of sitting at home and plans on hanging around the team more as the regular season winds down.

The veteran tackle anticipates that he will be ready for minicamps.

“I don’t plan on missing any of that,” said Herremans. “But I’m in a cast right now. We’ll see everything goes when I start walking on it…Right now I don’t see anything going wrong. Everything looks great.”

Herremans has been able to look at this season from the outside. He hears the announcers on the broadcasts and listens to talk radio and knows the type of dialogue that is going on. Herremans is definitely an Andy Reid guy, and it’s tough on him not being able to physically go out and play for him as his job security slips away.

“That’s one of the harder things, not being able to get out on the field and fight for him,” said Herremans. “He’s done so much for me and after everything he’s gone through, it’s tough to watch him go through this kind of thing.”

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