DRC Coming Out Of His Shell

Not that Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is a wallflower. The green mohawk and hot pink and blue car don’t exactly scream introvert. But, aside from a random scream about-what-I’m-not-sure to no one in particular in the locker room, DRC has not been all that vocal since arriving from Arizona via trade last offseason.

As such, it caught some of his teammates off guard when he spoke up at Wednesday’s players-only meeting.

“Yeah, because I don’t really say much. I’m not into the talking game,” said Rodgers-Cromartie on Friday. “I just believe in going out and playing ball, regardless of what goes on. Not a lot to be said.”

So why choose to talk at the meeting?

“It was a team thing. I’m part of a team. So I felt like if I speak, guys would listen. I didn’t speak on much; I just said, ‘Let’s just play ball and see where that gets us.'”

It’s not just Wednesday’s meeting. The 26-year-old spoke up in defense of Juan Castillo when almost no one else would. He fields questions at his locker following every game, win or lose. His voice is more present, even if he picks his spots.

Is he turning into a leader?

“Same role. I’m not this team’s leader,” said Rodgers-Cromartie. “That’s DeMeco Ryans. That’s the guy that’s going to get you out there, get you fired up, talk. I’m just the guy that’s going to play ball. No matter the circumstances, whether we’re doing good or doing bad I’m just going to keep lining up and playing.”

Ryans and Rodgers-Cromartie have arguably been the two best players on defense for the Eagles through seven games. DRC has been targeted 37 times and yielded  just 17 receptions (46 percent), per Pro Football Focus. Opposing quarterbacks have a rating of just 41.8 when throwing in his direction. He might be on track for his second Pro-Bowl bid, and it comes in a contract year.

“That’s going to come when it comes,” said Rodgers-Cromartie of a new contract. “I’m not worried about money.

“I’m just going to line up and keep playing, try to get better every week.”

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