Reid: I Never Thought About Benching Vick

Andy Reid was in full damage-control mode Wednesday afternoon when he met with reporters and addressed the Eagles’ quarterback situation.

“I know a lot’s been said in regards to Michael [Vick],” Reid said. “I’ve learned a long time ago with you guys that there’s a time and a place when you’re upset, and I was upset after the game – not at Michael Vick. I was upset, starting with myself and not getting my team ready to play and work it from there. But I’ve learned to step back and evaluate. So that was my point to you. My point wasn’t that I was going to bench Michael Vick. It was that I needed to step back and evaluate before I came to you with something. So I mentioned yesterday that Michael, in regards to that, was the quarterback, is the quarterback, and will continue to be the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles. So I can’t make it any more clearer than that.”

In case you’re wondering about the timeline of events here, even before the Falcons game, Reid hesitated to say that Vick would be his quarterback following the bye. After the game Sunday, he said he’d evaluate everything. Vick admitted he thought Reid was probably thinking about making a change. Two days later, the Eagles released a statement saying Vick would remain the starter.

But Reid never thought about making a change?

“No, that wasn’t my intent, not at all,” Reid said.

Vick went 21-for-35 for 191 yards and a touchdown against the Falcons. The offense managed just 17 points. On the season, the Eagles are averaging 17.1 points per game, tied for 28th in the league. That’s not all Vick’s fault, but he certainly has had his share of issues.

“Honestly, Michael, I thought, played one of his better games,” Reid said. “When you step back and you look at that, with the exception of the drops that took place, I thought he played a good football game.”

He repeated himself later.

“Michael actually did a very good job with his game,” Reid said. “He eliminated any turnovers that he did have – whether it’s fumbles or interceptions – and gave the receivers an opportunity to catch the football. He just needs to continue to lead this football team. He is the leader of the team, so he understands that.”

Reid said that the QB questions will not become a weekly issue. Does that mean Vick is the starter the rest of the season?

“Michael’s the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, yeah,” Reid said.

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