Anonymous Eagles Player: ‘No Energy, No Passion’

Plenty of Eagles players went on the record after Sunday’s game, voicing their frustration and displeasure with the team’s performance against the Falcons.

Tim included thoughts from LeSean McCoy and Cullen Jenkins in the Wake-Up Call (definitely worth a read). And Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie voiced their opinions as well.

But one defensive player chose to speak anonymously to Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports:

“We didn’t have no passion and you have to have passion in this game,” the player said. “You have to want to throw everything you are out on that field on every play. You have to feel like you’re playing with your teammates and for the fans and your coaches. Nothing, nada. No energy, no passion.”

He continued:

“The media was getting on [Castillo] because he didn’t make adjustments in the fourth quarter, but what’s the difference now? We can’t stop them in the first quarter.”

Again, it’s not so much what the player said, although clearly he’s frustrated with the guys he’s playing with. But it’s just another sign that the season is falling apart and the team is fractured.

Seven games in, it’s tough to see it any other way.

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