Twitter Mailbag: Checking In On Nick Foles

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From @Kuhndogg864: Is there really a QB controversy or should we wait til Sun game?

A quarterback controversy only happens if Nick Foles is inserted into the game and performs well. For now, let’s call it a quarterback watch. It is a unique situation for the rookie signal-caller on many levels, though.

Any backup QB has to be ready, but Foles must spend his life on high alert with all the hits Michael Vick takes.

“No, he’s a tough guy. I know he’s going to get up,” said Foles. “If something did happen, I’ll be ready — it’s my job to be ready. He’s a tough player, he’s been a tough player throughout his whole career.”

Foles says that he has successfully “zoned out” any chatter about Vick or the quarterback situation in the media, and is focused solely on supporting No. 7.

“He’s a tough guy, mentally, physically,” said Foles of Vick. “I get to see him first hand. He works his butt off every day. He wants it so bad. And I’m right there with him, trying to help him any way possible. He is the leader of this team and I have the utmost respect for him.

“There’s not many people that could take the hits that he did and keep delivering. The guy’s a warrior. He keeps getting back up and he will keep getting back up, because that’s Michael Vick.”

From @lakeshowfan247:  T-Mac Honest Question: Do you think Jeff Lurie is starting 2 get tired of the Andy act, Better job, players in right position etc?

This seems to be a good time to remind everybody that the Eagles are 2-1. I know it doesn’t feel like it, but a win Sunday night and Reid’s team is sitting pretty. Lurie has demonstrated a ton of patience when it comes to his head coach, and I believe he will reserve final judgment until this season has played out.

Is he tired of the act? I think it’s more accurate to say that he is tired of not winning championships, and has decided that he needs to see evidence that his team is heading in that direction or else he’s going to make a coaching change. Ultimately, any refrain will begin to sound hollow if the desired results are not obtained.

From @KOOT302: Will Andy Reid and Marty use the running game? and adjust when adjustments need to be made?

As Marty Mornhinweg confirmed at his Thursday press conference, this offense will continue to attack primarily through the air. There is evidence to suggest that the Eagles will deploy their ground game Sunday night, however. In the first meeting between the Eagles and Giants last season, Mornhinweg ran the ball 40 times for 177 yards. The Eagles threw it just 30 times. This is particularly impressive considering they got down 14-0 early and actually lost the game, 29-16. A similar pattern emerged in their 17-10 win in New York later that season, as the Eagles ran it 33 times and passed it 36. Granted, that was with Vince Young under center. But it’s obvious they like to run the ball against the Giants.

From @Shyne29: My question is what’s wrong with Andy taking a chance on #Plaxico ? He took a chance on a broke #SteveSmith last year?

Smith would actually be an argument against bringing in a former Giants receiver. Plenty of people ask about Burress, and I totally understand why: He is a big red zone target and the Eagles struggle in the red zone. The consensus around the league is that Burress is not worth a roster spot and the Eagles — who like No. 4 and 5 receivers to contribute on special teams — seem to agree.

I do think there’s a decent chance you will see Riley Cooper against the Giants, though. He said his visit with the surgeon Monday to look at his injured collarbone went well, and he continues to practice. Maybe he can give them the jolt inside the 20 that they need.