Eagles Wake-Up Call: Lessons From Kevin Kolb

DeMeco Ryans insisted after the game that the Eagles were not flat against Arizona; they were simply unable to generate a high.

“It was a matter of, they had the momentum and we never really switched that momentum, and that’s something we’ve been doing in the past,” said Ryans. “We would make a play, make a turnover to combat that momentum and it didn’t happen today. That was the difference.”

Ryans went onto say that Kevin Kolb didn’t do anything special in the 27-6 Cardinals win over the Eagles. And he’s either dead right or dead wrong depending on your definition.

If by special you mean dazzling, then no. We don’t have a complete grasp of what Kolb’s ceiling is yet, but it’s safe to say he’ll bump his head before getting to dazzling on a routine basis. Quick drops, short throws, hitting receivers in stride. That seems to be where he should live.

There is something to be said for the final product, however: 71 percent completion rate, 222 yards, two touchdowns, no turnovers. A 127.4 quarterback rating,  which just so happens to be almost exactly double of Vick’s on Sunday.

Kolb has zero interceptions through three games. That is particularly striking when gazing at it through our green prism. Turnovers are an epidemic in Philadelphia right now, and that goose egg is looked upon with envy.

“That’s the thing that we’ve harped on a lot. I’ve harped on a lot,” said Kolb. “You know with our defense and our style of play, not turning the ball over, not turning the ball over is a big key. It’s okay to punt. We don’t like it, it’s never been in my game, but to have that kind of mentality, sometimes it is okay especially when your defense is playing that good.”

Nothing spectacular, but spectacular team results through three games. And a mindset that the Eagles might be wise to adapt in the coming weeks.


Sheil breaks down each of the 19 hits(!) that Vick endured on Sunday.

On Monday, Andy Reid gave a less-than-ringing endorsement when it comes to Vick moving forward.

DeSean Jackson was involved in two questionable plays against the Cardinals. Reid grabbed his back.

Kapadia takes another look at the game and breaks down the play of the offensive line.

LeSean McCoy can only shake his head at his lack of involvement in the game plan.

Meanwhile, Brandon Graham‘s involvement jumps up.


 Adam Schefter weighs in on Reid’s comments about  his QB situation.

“Clearly, he is not shutting the door on the idea that he could make a switch at some point to Nick Foles, who was very impressive in the preseason.”

Dan Graziano takes a strong stance on Reid and the Eagles after their lackluster performance in the desert.

Accountability is very important, and Reid’s philosophy in this area is a big part of the success he’s had in Philadelphia and the strong positive feelings his players have for him. But while accountability is a key aspect of leadership, it is not the only one. And the Eagles’ loss to the Cardinals in Arizona on Sunday was a widespread failure of the team’s leaders — specifically Reid, offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg and quarterback Michael Vick — to lead before the fact as opposed to taking responsibility after.


An off day for the Eagles to lick their wounds before beginning preparation for the big Sunday night showdown against the Giants.